CUR2244 Intensive Care Ventilator

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**Product Description:-

          *Extended respiratory monitoring:-

• SI – stress index.
• P0.1 – respiratory effort index.
• Wspoint – work of the patient‘s breathing.
• Rexp – resistance to exhalation.
• Cdyn – dynamic compliance.

               *Integrated functions:-

• Alveolar recruitment maneuver – short-term PEEP increasing to the set level.
• Leak compensation– full automatic leakage compensation in the circuit (if leak is too high and cannot be compensated, disconnection alarm is triggered).
• Tube resistance compensation – providing the airway pressure taking into account the resistance of the intubation tube.
• 100% oxygenation.
• Standby mode.
• Suction maneuver.
• Manual breath (manual ventilation).
• “Freezing” / analysis of graphs.
• Screen lock.
• Nebulizer.
• Mode of the deepen sigh


• Saving and viewing of trends of the main monitoring parameters during 240 hours.

                   *12 Ventilation modes:-

• MV200 provides a wide range of mandatory and assisted modes of invasive ventilation.
• Mandatory ventilation: CMV/VCV, CMV/PCV, PCV-VG. Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation: SIMV/VC, SIMV/PC, SIMV/DC.
• Modes of spontaneous breathing: CPAP, BiSTEP, APRV.
• Non-invasive ventilation: NIV.
• Intelligent ventilation: iSV.
• Apnea backup.

*Advanced patient monitoring:-

• Mainstream CO2.
• Volumetric CO2.
• Evaluation of patients metabolic needs.
• Auxiliary pressure.
• SpO2.
• Respiratory mechanics.
• Cardiac output by Fick method.

             *Built-in turbine:-

• MV200 is independent from compressed air sources due to built-in turbine. Its unique design does not require special maintenance and ensures the operation of the device for 10 years or 40 000 hours.

               *Reliable autoclavable exhalation valve:-

• MV200 is equipped with exhalation valve, which can be easily disconnected from the device and processed in autoclave. Number of sterilization cycles is unlimited.

               *Integrated exhalation flow sensor:-

• Does not require any maintenance during the life time

*Alarm with viewing angle of 360°.
*Simultaneous display of up to three curves and up to two loops at the user‘s choice.


• Paw (pressure), Flow (flow), Vol (volume).


• volume/flow V-F, volume/pressure V-P,
• flow/pressure F-P,
• V/Paux, with reference loops.

            *Advanced graphs:-

• PCО2 (in mmHg or %),
• РO2 (oxigram in %), SpO2, iSV,
• VCO2 (volume capnogram), Рaux.
• 12.1“ full-color touch LCD display
• allowing to adjust the viewing angle.
• Display can be fully folded for easy transportation.

*Up to 6 h back-up battery:- • Prolonged operation without mains power ensures high level of patient safety.
• The rechargeable battery allows doctor to continue ventilation in desired mode up to 6 hours.

*Operation of the device is guaranteed from any sources of compressed oxygen::- • central O2 pipeline, cylinders, oxygen concentrator even with very low O2 pressure less than 0.5 bar.



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