CUR2242 Bipap And Cpap Machine

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**Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure With Ti Min / Ti Max:-

          * Features:-

-Quieter therapy output
– Remote date retrieve
– Higher motor performance
– High-efficiency humidification”

Sleep Apnea Therapy Device “*3.5 inch color LCD Display
With an exquisite control knob, Aspen Generation II. Series bring you unsurpassed operational experience. Real time flow wave connects us to better patient care and compliance.”
*Eco Smart Technology
Econ Smart heating system with innovative dual water chambers design, Storage Chamber VS Heating Chamber. Optimum Humidity and Temperature are delivered to patient after traveling through the heating chamber. Accurate water quantity control, with real time compensation from storage chamber. ”

*Quality Parameter

Auto CPAP-S20 T-20T T-25T
Pressure 4.20 cm H O
Pressure Increment 0.5 cm H2O
LCD Screen 3.5 inches 2.4 inches 3.5 inches
Weight 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) with humidifier, (humidifier optional)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.4” x 7.7” x 5.3” (290 x 196 x 134) with humidifier,(humidifier optional)
Oximeter Optional
Data Storage SD Card
Reslex Off/1/2/3
Ramp P 4 cm H O
Max Ramp 0 – 60 minutes
Ramp Time 0 – Max Ramp
Humidity Level off/ 1 – 5
Ti Min 0.1 s – Ti Max
Ti Max 0.3 s – 3.0 s
Sound <30dBA
Alarms Power Fail/High Leak
Auto On/Off Off (Default)


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