CUR2241 Anesthesia Workstation

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  • With an integrated design and excellent quality, each anesthesia system is custom built to meet your requirements
  • Mechanical flow meter
  • Twin Selecta Tec mounting for agent specific temperature and pressure compensated vaporizers
  • Pin indexed yokes for O2 and N2O
  • NIST inlets for piped medical gases for O2, N2O & Air as standard
  • Single Bi-stable system ON / OFF switch for gases & power supply
  • Pull out writing table
  • Common gas outlet (CGO)
  • Open/Close change over switch for convenient switch-over from open to closed system
  • Suitable for open, semi-open & closed circuit system application
  • Electrical outlets for running other medical equipment
  • Auxiliary O2 outlet with flowmeter as standard

At Meditec England, we recognize the demands and requirements of the Anaesthetist in the Operating Theatre and have taken these into consideration when developing the all-new NeptunePLUS Anaesthesia Workstation. The NeptunePLUS excels in performance and offers complete flexibility to the Anaesthetist.

           *Patient safety features:

  • Anti Hypoxic Device ensures a minimum of 25% O at all times and cuts off N2 O supply if O2 Fails
  • Audio Visual Alarm for O2 failure
  • O 2Flush 35 to 70 LPM O2 Flow
  • System Pressure Relief at 125 cmH2O

            *Circle System Absorber:

  • Bypass switch allows canister change during ventilation
  • Bag/ventilator switch Easy changeover from a ventilator to bag & vice versa
  • Integrated airway pressure manometer
  • Moisture drain valve
  • Quick release (lever operated) soda lime canister system
  • APL valve
  • Built-in oxygen monitor sensor port
  • Excellent ergonomics with swivel breathing bag arm
  • The Single / Dual canister system
  • Autoclavable
  • Heated Circuit (optional)

              *Patient Monitoring (Optional):

  • The Neptune range offers a wide choice of Monitoring Systems with the availability of optional extended parameters such as AG, BIS, ICG, CO, 4 x IBP, EEG, Para-magnetic O2

              *Other Details:

  • Cylinder Yokes: Color-coded gas specific (pin indexed) yokes with sliding stainless steel clamping bars for easy handling. Holding O2 and N2O, 5Ltr water capacity cylinders
  • Oxygen Flush: Emergency oxygen flush switch at table level to give 35-70 Ltrs/min for emergencies
  • O2 failure warning alarm: Self-activated electro-pneumatic audio-visual warning device to indicate the drop in O2 pressure below 2.5 Bar
  • Hypoxic Guard: Mixing device to proportion the N2O in such a way that minimum of 25% O2 is always delivered in the gas mixture
  • Basal flow with On/off Switch: 250 50 ml basal flow of Oxygen as soon as the machine is switched on (optional)
  • Pipe Line Gas Inlets: Non-interchangeable screw-threaded (NIST) pipeline inlets one each for O2, N2O, and Air. In case of drop-in piped gas pressure, the pin index cylinders take over automatically
  • Pressure Gauges: Large diameter, color-coded gauges fitted at the convenient angle for better visibility and clarity. One for each of the pin indexed yokes and one each corresponding to the piped gas inlet


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