CUR2232 Infant Radiant Warmer

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Easy to use : As technology advanced, we have kept the Warmer simple & easy to use with one touch controls. Focused Heating: The heater with reflector makes it easier to work with the baby by efficiently providing even heat distribution across the cradle and not into the surrounding environment. Air control mode : Air control is an electronic feedback system witch punctuations as a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature of baby cradle by regulating the heat output a Radiant Warmer. it also as a WATCH DOG as Air over temp cuts off heater even if the Warmer is operating in Servo mode. Manual Mode : The Manual mode allows the Warmer to be kept ‘baby ready’ without nuisance alarms. When needed the Warmer provides safe, powerful & controlled warming to restore the temperature drop experienced by the baby immediately after delivery .Servo Control Mode : Servo control is an electronic feedback system which functions as a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature at the site of Skin Prob
*Highly sophisticated microprocessor based control,
*Clean large display.
*Scan mode operation.
*Feather touch membraned key panel. Programmable alarm multiitem.
*Automatic over-heat and over-temperature productive system.
*Infra-red heater for instantaneous heat radiation made of quartz tube with concealed nichrome element.
*Servo and manual modal operation. Swiveling Over-head heater unit for easy access to X-ray unit.
*4 pole/pump mounting pole & Monitor tray.
*Highly sensitive PT-100 probe.
*Inter changeability of prob not requiring calibration of probe on changing(+/-0.1degree C).
*Accuracy/ Sensitivity+/-0.5 degree C.
*Set temperature range of 30 to 38.3 degree C.
*Alarm for temperature low. temperature high, prob failure ,Power failure and system failure.
*Indication of heat output Percentage ,time on.
*Heater power 750w/lamp 50w.
*Integrated infant bed with soft cushion storage cabinet.
*Power supply 180-290v/AC/50Hz.


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