CUR2181 SS IV Stand

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We are engaged in offering the best range of Stainless Steel IV Stand to our customers

Product introduction: 

1. The height adjustment for the infusion bottle is easy, flexible, convenient and saving

2. Elaborate design of integration which is in generous good looking and with comfortable hand feeling.

3. All of the parts are made of high-quality raw materials which are environmental, antibacterial and anti-aging.

4. The hooks and the truss are integrated, which can fix the different sizes of infusion bottle concurrently such as 1000ml, 500ml and 250ml

5. The newest design of the booster armrest can readjust the height and angle at any time according to height of patient, which is designed according to body mechanics to use easily and comfortable hand feeling.

6. The fast lock knob can be fasten and loosen quickly. The users can operate with one hand only.

7. Base plate is equipped with caster which can move flexibly

8. The special tray can be applied to different infusion equipment which made by different factories in different countries.

9. The I.V pole can be designed according to the requirements of the Customers


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