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*Mattress area into 4 sections made up of CRCA Sheet.
*Detachable polymer Molded head and foot bows provide a soothing look.
*Provided with four sectional polymer molded safety side rails with angle indicators.
*Major Features Include: Backrest, Knee rest, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, Height Adjustment, Position maneuverable by four separate linear actuators which are operated through Patient Control Unit.
*Dual Side lever for Manual CPR.
*Provided with corner PU buffers to absorb impact and reducer damage during handling.
*Provided with Heavy duty 4 pole having provision of fixing on four locations.
*Providing with twin wheel heavy duty central locking castors wheels of 125 mm dia for smooth mobility with control.
*Provided with Dust Protective Fiber Base Cover.
*The complete metal components are Pretreated and Epoxy powder coated.
*Overall Dimensions: 2160 mm L×1020 mm W=(86.61″” L × 40.15″”W)
*Frame Size:2060 mm L × 900 mm W=(82.67″”L × 35.43″”W)
*Back rest tilt: 0-75 degree
*Knee rest tilt: 0-35 degree
*Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelemburg:0-12 degree
*Minimum Height: 450mm(17.71″”) Maximum Height:750mm(29.53″”) ” “*Mattress (Size 1930 mm × 900 mm × 100 mm)=(Size 75.98″” × 35.43″” × 3.93″”)
*X-Ray Permeable Backrest.
*Central Locking Wheels(150 mm)=(5.90″”).” *Seven Function Backrest, Knee rest, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, Height Adjustment, Cardiac chair Position, Zero Level) Variant with Double control unit is aso available. *Not provided battery Back up


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