CUR2158 Slice CT Scanner

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** Now Compact:- 

* Platform:- Now Compact addresses the needs of routine operations and beyond. It makes high-quality care accessible and helps you to run a successful CT business – allowing you to keep an eye on profitability, stay competitive, and avoid unnecessary cost.

*Unlike in the past, patients are very much conscious about the ‘quality’ at ‘affordable’ cost. My decision to buy and install .Now Compact was purely driven by above understanding.
*After working with .Now Compact for a year I realized, I have made the ‘right’ choice. The Image quality is excellent surpassing my expectations. The throughput and workflow are very good, all this comes with very less radiation dose and power consumption. Machine operation through tablet and visual appeal of the equipment is highly appreciable. I would strongly recommend this machine for your daily routine scanning and applications.

**Gain flexibility with the new Mobile Workflow :-

*Tablet :- The lightweight, high-resolution tablet gives you total freedom over how you work. With Scan &GO technology, you just need a few steps for the entire scan. Start checking patient information as soon as you collect them from the waiting room, and then prepare the scan directly at the gantry to stay with the patient for longer. Since the images are sent wirelessly from the scanner to the tablet, operators can return to the patient after the scan and stay there while previewing the images and communicating with radiologists for instant feedback if required.
                 *Artificial Intelligence :- AI Self-learning enables protocol selection based on the clinical indications. ALPHA technology identifies and understands human anatomy including Landmark Registration which helps in automatic planning of desired scan range. Ease up Bolus Tracking with automatic AI FAST ROI identification and HU calculations.
                   *Halo (Includes 2D Camera, Visual Countdown, Mood Lighting) :– The gantry-integrated camera with its 90° viewing angle gives you a superb view of the tunnel on the monitor. The close-up perspective makes it easy to spot even micro-movements and keep the patient in the right position. The ambient mood lighting and a digital visual countdown helps improve patient well-being and help them comply with breath-hold times.
                  *Remote Control:-The easy-to-use Bluetooth remote control complements the tablet operation by streamlining scanning and making workflow processes more efficient.
                  *New Workplace Design :-With gantry-integrated computers, . platform gives you complete flexibility, more space, less noise and heating in your console room.
                 *“There is significant ease of working with:- .Now Compact, with all new software interface, mobile tablet and remote control. The automatic reconstruction facilitates in diagnosis saves lot of time. Angiography done is superb with this machine.

**Automate your workflow with GO Technologies :-

                  *Automate your workflow with GO Technologies :- Another important factor contributing to high performance is workflow automation. .Now Compact features a holistic set of intuitive solutions that addresses your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. By reducing repetitive steps , GO Technologies help standardize and simplify all departmental processes – from patient setup to image distribution, archiving and reading. You can therefore work more efficiently and focus on your patients – two factors key to running a successful business.

*Scan &GO :- “• This advanced tablet app allows you to control scans remotely. You can choose whether to operate the scanner at the gantry or from outside the room to benefit from faster patient preparation and positioning.
You can also check the images quickly after the scan, as wireless connectivity sends the results to the tablet almost immediately.
Scan &GO brings an entirely new level of flexibility to your processes. Patients are also likely to feel more comfortable, since you can be with them for longer.”
                * Check &GO:- “• This intelligent algorithm flags up problems with coverage or contrast distribution as they occur. Correct issues on the go, prevent subsequent errors in multiphase scans, and avoid archiving suboptimal images – ultimately reducing the number of recalls.
The FAST ROI feature automatically identifies regions of interest and monitors HU for the aorta in bolus tracking examinations.
Check &GO’s automated support means that users of all levels of experience can produce high-quality images.”
                *Recon &GO:- “• Recon &GO performs zero-click postprocessing, making it part of the standard reconstruction tasks. This ready-to-read technology saves time and cuts down on workflow steps.
Recon &GO delivers high-quality results irrespective of the operator or clinical area, and allows users to spend more time with the patient.
Achieve fast, standardized, and reproducible results with this automated postprocessing and reconstruction solution.”
                *“Thanks to Siemens Healthiness:- for all the support and guidance which they have rendered for tablet operated CT scan machine .Now Compact. The Service Support is outstanding. Anyone can sell you the machine, but I have never seen a company so committed, making sure your system is running properly. They really go above and beyond. The radiologists and technologists are so pleased with the image resolution, quality and finish of the product. Kudos to Siemens Healthiness for having done a first-rate job.”

*View &GO:-

                  • Routine :-Now Compact enables Excellent Imaging details with High resolution imaging at Lowest dose with SAFIRE, helps in getting Smaller details like Non-enlacing Cyst, Hemangioma’s in Liver, etc.
                  • Broaden your portfolio in preventive care :- .Now Compact allows you to offer colon imaging and lung cancer screening. With sub-millimeter collimation in every scan, it provides high spatial resolution and helps improve the detection of polyps and ulcers.
                  • Fast and efficient routine scanning :- .Now Compact delivers the low-dose scanning that is essential for optimal patient care, e. g. in orthopedics. Its technology allows scans of long ranges while maintaining a high spatial resolution.
                  • Fast and precise routine neuro examinations :- .Now Compact optimizes image quality and reduces dose in routine neuro examinations. High spatial resolution improves the imaging of very small bony structures such as those in the inner ear.
                  • Preventive :- .Now Compact designed for Ultra Low dose Lung Imaging with TIN filter gives highest Spatial resolution and improved detection of Occult lesions e.g. Solitary pulmonary nodules.
                  • High-quality angiography for vascular exams:- .Now Compact allows high-quality angiography exams of central arteries with good iodine contrast, submillimeter slices, and precise timing.”

* “It’s a very user-friendly machine with excellent image quality, it is versatile and capable of doing good 3D recon, CT Angiography, Virtual Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. It is running extensively since last 10 months with very less downtime”.

**Exclusive technologies on . platform:-

*Stellar detector:- The Stellar detector lowers image noise in every scan, while advanced iterative reconstruction from SAFIRE delivers excellent image quality at very low doses. This provides excellent and homogenous image quality, even in complex areas, such as the base of the skull, making it especially relevant for routine neuro imaging.
The Stellar detector’s high-end technology includes fully integrated components and an advanced 3D anti-scatter collimator. It keeps electronic noise low, increases dose efficiency, and improves spatial resolution. The smart configuration of the detector elements simplifies access, eases maintenance, and increases scanner uptime.
“Due to new Stellar detector, artifacts are significantly reduced, inspire of Magic angle and other bony artifacts especially in brain posterior fossa studies.
Because of FAST acquisition, which is followed by automatic post processing, we can release the patients faster, especially in cases under Intubation and Ventilation on the basis of emergency.””

*Tin Filter:-Inherited from high-end dual source scanners, the Tin Filter cuts out lower energies to reduce dose and optimize image quality at the interface between soft tissue and air. This has direct benefits in lung, colon imaging and inner ear. Clinical experience also shows that Tin Filter technology reduces beam-hardening artifacts and improves image quality in bony structures, making it also extremely useful in orthopedic examinations.

* “Apart from the compact design of .Now, one feature that is strikingly beneficial is Tin Filter, we are able to acquire extremely good quality CT scan of lungs with the dose equivalent to 1 or 2 chest radiographs. This feature is particularly useful for lung cancer screening and the patient requiring regular follow up.”
                *Sub-millimeter collimation: “• In addition to high power reserves in the generator and tube, .Now Compact features continuous 0.7 mm collimation across the full detector width. It therefore achieves uniform scanning over longer ranges without compromising spatial resolution or speed. Moreover, .Now Compact always provides the thin slice data necessary for flexibility in postprocessing.
Therefore, if you need further details, such as additional orientations or postprocessing tasks, you can retrospectively use inline results for additional reconstructions. You will find these reconstructions ready-to-read directly in your PACS, your film printer, or any other reading environment.”

**Technical Specifications:-

  • Slices / Rotation 96*
  • Gantry 70 cm
  • FOV 50 cm (70 cm HD FOV)
  • Generator 24 kW ( 60 kW equivalent with SAFIRE)
  • Tube 3.5 MHU (Upto 8.75 MHU equivalent with SAFIRE)
  • Tube Cooling Rate 915 kHU/min.
  • Detector STELLAR with 3D Anti Scatter Collimator
  • Minimum Slice Thickness 0.6 mm
  • Iterative Reconstruction SAFIRE
  • Workflow Mobile tablet based remote operation with inline results – Scan &GO, Check &GO, Recon &GO, CT View &GO



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