CUR2155 ECG-3I

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Color TFT touch screen display.
The high resolution high array output system is adopted.
Recording paper width 80mm,can record clear and accurate three uncompressed ECG Waveform and lead mark, sensitivity, paper speed filter and other state.
3 lead synchronous acquisition, synchronous amplification, three track record.
A flexible output print format.
The use of a unique high precision digital filter eliminates base line drift and other disturbances does not distort the ECG wave form, greatly improves the baseline drifts and facilitates waveform interpretation.
The electrode with bad contact can be accurately determined and the corresponding position can be indicated.
The design conforms to the IECI type CF safety standard, and the ECG amplifier is fully floated and is specially safe.
Standard external input/output interface and RS 232 communication interface.

**TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:-Safety Standards MDD93/42/EEC, IEC60601-1, EN 60601-1-4, TEC60601-2-25, EN 60601-2-51, EN 15014971, EN 55011, ANSI/AAMI EC-11

Classification Anti-electric-shock type:  Class I with internal power supply 
Anti Electric-shock degree Type CF
EMC: Group I, type A
Dimension 280mm x 180mm x 70mm
Weight About 2.5kg.
Display 640×480 dot color TFT Screen 480×272 dot color TFT Screen
Environment Transport and Storage Working
Temperature: -2DC’55°C 5°C-40°C
Relative Humidity: 25%-90% 25%-85%
Atmospheric Pressure: 70kPa 4106kPa 70kPa-106Kp
Power Supply Mains Supply:  Rated input voltage = 220V
Rated frequency = 50/60Hz
Rated input power = 35VA
Built-in Lithium Battery Pack: Rated voltage = 11.11/
Rated capacity = 2200mAh
Cycle life > 300 times
Power Consumption: 35VA (max)
Recording Recorder: Thermal dot-matrix printer
Recorder Paper: Folded thermosensitive paper, 80mm width (3 channel)
Roiled thermosensitive paper, 80mm width (3 channel)
HR  Recognition Technique: HR Range:
Peak-peak detection 30 BPM – 300 BMP
Accuracy: ±1BMP
ECG Unit Leads: 12 standard leads
Acquisition Mode: simultaneously 12 leads
AID Resolution: 16 bits / 24 bits
Time Constant: >3.2s
Frequency Response: 0.05Hz – 150Hz
Sensitivity: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 (mm/mV)
Input Impedance: 50m ohm (10Hz)
Input Circuit Current: <50nA
Input Voltage Range: <±5m Vpp
Calibration Voltage: lmV±3%
Noise <15p Vp-p
Multichannel Crosstalk <0.5mm
AC Filter: On/Off
Filter DFT Filter: 0.05/0.15/0.25/0.5/ADP
EMG Filter: 25Hz/35Hz/OFF
LOWPASS Filter: 150Hz/100Hz/75Hz
CMRR >100dB
Patient Leakage Current: <10μA (220V
Patient Auxiliary Current: 240V) <0.1μA (DC)
Dielectric Strength: 4000V rms
Communication Interface R5 232 It can save 200 groups data


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