CUR2153 Ultrasound USM 2

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**Real ineinteracve customer support NET CUBE CARE:- ALPINION’s E-CUBE systems can be accessed remotely using our NET CUBE CARE service for efficient troubleshooting. NET CUBE CARE, ALPINION’s unique network-based access service, enables system upgrades to easily keep your system operating With the latest software . The NET CUBE CARE is a purchasable option . please contact the ALPINION service team at for further inquiries.

**Core Value with core technology:-

*The E-CUBE 5 combines more compact and smarter solutions with powerful performance. The outstanding image quality results from ALPINION’s refined acousc technology that perfectly manages and handles ultrasound signals. And ALPINION’s unique soware packages for multiple applications enhance diagnostic confidence and efficiency.
                               *Acoustic Technology:- A proprietary acoustic technology yields superior ultrasound images. ALPINION’s innovative transducers, which are developed and manufactured in-house, perfectly generate refined signals and seamlessly deliver them to the E-CUBE 5 system.
                               *Imaging Platform:- FleXcanTM, ALPINION’s software based imaging platform, ensures stable imaging performance and maintains image quality throughout the ultrasound system’s lifetime. This software based structure also enables easy upgrades for new ALPINION technologies and features
                               *Imaging Software:- Optimal Imaging Suite TM, ALPINION’s integrated post-processing software set (SCI, FTHI, FCI and SRI), creates optimized images for each application by decreasing artifacts and enhances edges and borderlines. It also gives users more choices for optimizing images, providing high resolution and deeper penetration through different parameters.

**Powerful & Compact:- ALPINION is dedicated to providing users with the ultimate convenience beyond image quality. The belief in details and desire to improve user satisfaction make ALPINION’s way harder , but the E-CUBE user’s way easier and happier . ALPINION believes that user satisfaction comes from small changes and small details, the E-CUBE 5’s innovation for details was started from here.

*New Platform -Simplified:-  ALPINION’s core technology creates the new simplified platform. And the simplicity creates the powerful E-CUBE 5. The E-CUBE 5’s simplified platform allows faster response times at every diagnostic step, remarkably reduces malfunctions and enhances the system’s durability.
                              *New Detail – Noiseless:- • ALPINION’s another innovation enables a extremely silent diagnosis environment. By decreasing its fan noise to 30% of the level of competitors, the E-CUBE 5 helps users to concentrate on their diagnosis even in noise-sensitive spaces, such as small rooms.
                             *New Concept – Compact:- • The E-CUBE 5’s slim body, lightweight and small footprint make it ideal for use in small spaces. And considering the system’s stability in any situation, the E-CUBE 5 is designed as a low center of gravity system with the compact concept. This compactness improves its mobility dramatically and lets users enjoy a comfortable work environment in any clinical setting.

**Versatile for multiple applications:-

*The E-CUBE 5 provides excellent 2D, Color flow and Doppler performance across multiple applications and multiple patient types. Application dedicated features make users’ work smarter and improve diagnostic confidence.
*The convex transducer, which is fully optimized for abdominal and obstetric exams, assists to provide great image quality even with some difficult patients. And ALPINION’s superb linear transducer allows more confident diagnosis in general exams, such as thyroid and carotid, and in MSK exams too.
*General Imaging:- Excellent 2D, Color and Doppler image quality with the convex transducer .
                           *Musculoskeletal:- Great contrast resoluon with the linear transducer
                           *Women’s Health:- Enhanced image quality for fetus, uterus and breast by various transducer range including endocavity, endovaginally, convex and linear. Tissue Harmonic Imaging and DICOM structured reports support users’ confident diagnosis.
”                          *Efficient Workflow:- The E-CUBE 5 provides easy-to-use tools to streamline workflows so that users spend more time focusing on patients instead of their environment.
-Tools such as XpeedTM, User-defined Hot Keys, and Auto trace all help to increase user’s patient throughput and scanning comfort”


*Excellent 2D image of a liver providing with good spaal and contrast resolution.
*Side-by-side display in dual mode assisting in easy anatomical interpretation.
*Triplex mode in Common Carod Artery with Auto-trace PW.
*The superb image of thyroid and highly sensitive color flow in the surrounding lesion.
*Outstanding 2D image of a 22-week fetus with good contrast resolution.
*22-week fetal brain with detailed anatomical information.
*Clear PW Doppler of the uterine artery.
*Highly sensitive color flow in small vessels of the uterine.



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