CUR2149 Endoscopy Monitor

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**Advancing the Art of Endoscopy with an array of opto-digital innovations:-

* technology continues to advance the art of endoscopy. As the world leader in endoscopy, provides cutting-edge medical technology to healthcare professionals around the globe. Our commitment to research and development and our collaborative efforts with the medical community work to improve both the underlying technology and the quality of patient care it helps deliver. It is a continuous evolution, aimed at advancing the art of endoscopy.

*Our latest introduction, the new EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system, is setting new standards for technologies focusing on

► Advancing Visualization
► Advancing Control”

*These innovative technologies help facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment, simplify setup and reprocessing with advanced levels of sophistication and integration.

*Advancing visualization using opto-digital technologies that support better diagnosis and effective treatment.

The art of endoscopy is about finding and treating GI diseases as early as possible. With the EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system, physicians can see the interior of the body more clearly than ever before. Refined technology delivers exceptional control of the endoscope for close-up views of internal tissue while advanced imaging features and renowned  optics deliver remarkable clarity in every detail.

**Advancing visualization with a wide range of key technologies:-

*Enhanced Image Quality:-HQ scopes employ advanced optics, improved image sensors and the new CV-190 video processor to deliver exceptionally clear, high-resolution images. The result is superior imaging with minimal halation and image noise. In the EVIS EXERA III generation, high-definition imaging will become standard on the core range of endoscopes.

*NBI (Narrow Band Imaging):-   developed narrow band imaging technology to enhance the examination and characterization of healthy and abnormal tissue. Now an improved version gives twice the viewable distance and much greater contrast, which opens up new clinical applications and reinforces NBI’s acceptance as a standard of care.

*Dual Focus:-  Dual focus two-stage optical lens technology from  allows physicians to switch from normal focus mode to near focus mode with a single button, so they can conduct close examination of mucosal tissue and capillary networks. The new technology lets physicians select the desired depth of field and obtain high-quality images at the same time, bringing a new level of visualization to routine examinations.

*Pre-freeze Function:-  A new pre-freeze function saves time and eliminates the physician’s frustration when capturing still images. The new CV-190 automatically buffers a continuous, rapid series of procedural images. When capturing a still image, the pre-freeze function analyzes the previous images and displays and saves the sharpest image of the desired view. This function helps physicians obtain a clear visual record of the procedure in the shortest possible time.

*Wider Angles:-

The 170º wide-angle field of view, which has been standard on adult colonoscopes, is now available on regular EVIS EXERA III 190 Series pediatric scopes (PCF-H190L/I). The benefits of wide-angle endoscopy include brighter imaging on the periphery and a 30° wider field of view. This can help
physicians to detect mucosal changes more rapidly with less need for angulation.

*Water Jet:- Water jet is now standard on the core range of endoscopes. This technology has been well accepted to improve procedures and treatment, by providing a powerful tool for hemostasis or overcoming inadequate bowel preparation.

**Advancing control to provide new value to physicians and staff:- The art of endoscopy requires having the right tools to deliver the best possible patient care. The EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is a leap forward in ease-of-use functionality and state-of-the-art technologies. The result is a system that helps physicians conduct procedures efficiently, and helps GI staff members perform setup and reprocessing tasks with ease.

**Advancing control to help provide improved medical care.:-

*RIT (Responsive Insertion Technology):-RIT comes as standard on EVIS EXERA III 190 Series colonoscopes. It is a unique combination of three proprietary  technologies: PB (Passive Bending), HFT (High Force Transmission), and variable stiffness. These technologies work together to improve ease of insertion and operator control, which may help to minimize patient discomfort and enhance procedural efficiency.

*PB (Passive Bending):-  PB helps EVIS EXERA III 190 Series colonoscopes move through acute bends in the colon. When the scope meets with resistance, the pressure is redistributed so that the insertion tube automatically bends to adjust to the contours of the colon, potentially decreasing patient discomfort and speeding insertion to the cecum.

*HFT (High Force Transmission):-  HFT provides improved operator control for pushing, pulling, and twisting maneuvers. Whenever the scope is pushed forward or rotated, the pushing force or rotational torque is transmitted down the length of the insertion tube, meaning the scope reacts more sensitively to physician handling and is easier to maneuver within the colon.

*Variable Stiffness:-  Variable stiffness allows the flexibility of  scopes to be changed incrementally by manipulating a flexibility adjustment ring. This innovative feature allows the scope to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, to meet the unique anatomical needs of the patient and the handling preferences of the physician.

*Scope Guide:-  Scope Guide is designed to provide a real-time, three-dimensional image of the shape and configuration of the colonoscope during a procedure, and is integrated in the EVIS EXERA III system. The ability to visualize the scope inside the body allows the physician to see loop formations as they occur for expedited loop management. It can also assist with scope insertion and help optimize scope handling, which may shorten procedure times and minimize patient discomfort even during difficult colonoscopies.

                       *One-touch Connector:- The newly designed EVIS EXERA III endoscopes allow one-step connection to the light source and processor. Unlike previous generations of endoscopes, the EVIS EXERA III endoscopes do not require a water-resistant cap, simplifying reprocessing and minimizing accidental water damage. The enhanced efficiency delivered by the one-touch connector can also help expedite procedure room setup and turnover.

                        *Maximum Compatibility:- Able to accommodate anything from a colonoscope to a bronchoscope to an ultrasound scope to a laparoscope, the state-of-the-art EVIS EXERA III system offers the greatest possible flexibility for use across GI, respiratory and surgical departments. In addition, a comprehensive range of  Endo Therapy devices is specifically designed for EVIS EXERA Series scopes to facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment. The inherent flexibility of the  platform enables consistent care for patients and increased efficiency for the facility that goes straight to the bottom line.


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