CUR2148 HQ Ventilator

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* Comprehensive graphics and trending.
* High performance PSOL and active exhalation
* Servo controlled for precise breath delivery
* Pediatric through adult
* Invasive and noninvasive
* Easy to use touch screen user interface.

* High Pressure System Ventilation.
* Internal Turbine System Ventilation.

**eVolution_3e Essential (Specification):-

* Modes of ventilation:-
* Assisted Control Mandatory Ventilation (CMV)
* Synchronized intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
* Spontaneous Ventilation (CPAP + PS, CPAP + VS, SPAP)


• Auto Control
• Apnea Backup Ventilation
• SPAP Philosophy Options: Time, Cycle + Time, Cycle + I:E
• IBW Calculator
• NIV On/Off in all Modes
• Active Exhalation Valve
• Automatic Leak Compensation (up to 60 Ipm)
• Work of Breathing Imposed
• Maneuvers: PO.1 and PiMax

              *Breath Types:-

Volume-controlled (V-CMV:V-SIMV)
Pressure-Controlled (P-CMV:P-SIMV, PS)
Volume Target Pressure-Controlled PRVC-CMV ; PRVC-SIMV,VS)
Dual Level PEEP- Equivalent to APRV & Bilevel. (SPAP)

            *Breath Triggering:-

Pressure triggering ,-0.1 to (-20) cmH2O
Flow triggering 0.1-25 lpm

           *Additional Setting:-

Respiratory rate 1-120bpm
Tidal volume 20-3000ml
PEEP/ CPAP 0-50 cmH2O
Control 0-100 cmH2O
Support 1-100 cmH2O
Peak flow(mandatory) 1-120 lpm
Peak flow (Spontaneous) Up to 180 lpm
Peak flow (Turbine Output) Up to 300 l/min
I-Times 0.2-10.0 sec
Oxygen concentration 21-100 %
Rise time setting 20-Jan
Exhalation sensitivity% (of spontaneous peak flow) 1-80%
Base flow (with leak comp off) 2.5-25 lpm
Plateau (insp Pause) 0-2.0 sec
PS Tmax 0.5-5.0 sec

                  *Neonatal Software Option Part Number: EVM400156 NCPAP+ 1-150 bpm
Respiratory Rate 5-300 ml
Tidal Volume 0.1-10 sec
I-Times 0.15-5.0 sec
PS Tmax

                    *Additional Software Options:-

• Suction support
• Automatic tube compensation

                    *User Initiated Functions

• Manual inspiration
• Alarm silence
• 100% oxygen
• Inspiratory and expiratory breath holds
• Standby

                    *User Configurable Graphic User Interface (GUI) and Functions:-

• Multiple Easy View Tabs (Main, Settings, Monitoring, Alarms, Configuration)
• Graphics Display (2-Loops and 3-Wavefors)
“• Apnea Back-up

                     *User-Selected breath type and settings
• Smart Nebulizer
• Smart Sigh
• Humidification Selection (HME, Humidifier, and None)

                      *Monitored/ Displayed Data:-

• Delivered Oxygen concentrations:21-100 %
• Trend Data (1-72 hrs.) (31 trend Parameters)

                     *Monitoring Data (36 monitored Parameters):-

Basic Mechanics
Respiratory Rate PEEPi
PEEP +Pplateu PEEPi-dyn
Ppeak & Pmean Cdyn
Exp Min Vol (Ve) Cstat
Vte & Vti Cstat/Kg
O2 Rtot
Te & Ti Ri & Re
PFi & PFe Rce
I:E VT/kg
Leak Flow +Time
Real Time Graphics Pressure+ Time
Flow & Pressure Volume Volume + Time

                     *Prioritized Alarms (High, Medium and Low) • Auto set alarm feature & 1000 Event log

                      *Communication Interfaces • Ethernet and Nurse call

                    *Physical Data:-

• AC power: 100-240 VAC (47/63Hz)
• Standard internal battery (Lithium-Ion* & Lead Acid**)
• Battery backup>120 min
• Gas supply Pressure, 2 to 6 Bar
• Screen: LCD 12.1/ Touch Screen

                           *Optional Remote Viewing System:- • CliniNet Virtual Report Software

                            *Optional High Performance Internal Gas Source Technology:-

• Integrated high performance turbine technology*
• Low Flow O2,0.3 to 2 Bar*

                            *Ordering Information:-

• Model EVL100500-HP,High Pressure System
• Model EVL100500-T, Internal Tubing System
• Model EVL100500-HP-NF,High Pressure System without Exhalation Filter
• Model EVL100500-T-NF, Internal Turbine System without Exhalation Filter


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