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**Powerful scanning every day. .Now Compact edition is equipped with targeted technologies and features that will redefine the way you approach routine CT.

**Product Detail:- 

*Item Nr: 1 • Powerful scanning every day. .Now Compact edition is equipped with targeted technologies and features that will redefine the way you approach routine CT.

*Make success your daily business :- The expenses that come with a CT scanner always pose a certain amount of risk, particularly to smaller institutions. In routine CT imaging, it’s not only about providing answers to patients, but also about running a business. The SOMATOM® go. platform therefore comes with workflow and usability innovations that improve efficiency independent of the individual user’s level of experience. It makes advanced procedures available for daily routine. In addition, it includes a completely redesigned service model and innovative features to reduce cost. . platform addresses the needs of routine operations and beyond. It makes high-quality care accessible and helps our customers run a successful CT business – allowing them to keep an eye on profitability, stay competitive, and avoid unnecessary cost.
. platform started with our customers. Based on many conversations with healthcare professionals, we realized that we needed to pursue new ideas and approaches to computed tomography. We therefore conducted extensive interviews with 500 customers from 11 countries to find out about their everyday needs and challenges. In co-creation sessions, we asked them what their ideal CT scanner for routine tasks would look like. Having gathered a wealth of new insights, we commissioned a group of 50 Siemens engineers to build the best routine CT scanner possible. The result is a completely new CT platform specifically designed to overcome the obstacles associated with acquiring, operating, and maintaining a CT scanner. . platform.

*Go for high performance with trendsetting workflows:- platform is built on a groundbreaking concept of mobile operation and workflow automation. By allowing users to deliver high performance every day, it helps our customers establish and run an operational CT business efficiently.

*Go for visible growth with profound clinical results :-  platform helps our customers integrate complex exams into daily practice. They will be able to offer routine lung cancer screening, and more. Equipped with premium technologies, . platform delivers results you would not expect from a routine system.

*Go for financial certainty with an all-in-one solution:- The . platform comes with highly reliable components, a cost-saving workstation design, as well as a completely reworked training model. In short, it is an all-in-one solution for financial certainty.

                     *Stellar detector :-  The Stellar detector lowers image noise in every scan, while advanced iterative reconstruction from SAFIRE delivers excellent image quality at very low doses*. This provides excellent and homogenous image quality, even in complex areas,
such the base of the skull, making it especially relevant for routine neuro imaging. Higher spatial resolution improves the imaging of very small bony structures such as those in the inner ear. This high-end technology together with an advanced 3D anti-scatter collimator is fully integrated in order to keep the electronic noise low, increasing dose efficiency and improving spatial resolution. The smart configuration of the detector elements, simplifies the access and eases up maintenance and increases scanner uptime.
In clinical practice, the use of SAFIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

                    *Tin Filter (Sn) :-  Inherited from high-end dual source scanners, the Tin Filter cuts out lower energies to reduce dose and optimize image quality at the interface between soft tissue and air. This has direct benefits in lung and colon imaging, for example. Clinical experience also shows that Tin Filter technology reduces beam- hardening artifacts and improves image quality in bony structures, making it also extremely useful in orthopedic examinations.

                   *New mobile workflow :- • A central element of optimizing performance and generating daily revenue is an entirely new approach to operating the scanner. Built around a new mobile workflow, the . platform features a line-up of innovative solutions – tablet, remote control, camera, and a new workplace design – that bring an unparalleled level of flexibility and mobility to daily CT routines. The solutions also enhance patient comfort for potentially higher levels of patient satisfaction.

**Depends on country specific:-

*clearance Tablet :-  The lightweight, high-resolution tablet gives you total freedom over how you work. With Scan &GO technology, you just need a few steps for the entire scan. Start checking patient information as soon as you collect them from the waiting room, and then prepare the scan directly at the gantry to stay with the patient for longer. Since the images are sent wirelessly from the scanner to the tablet, operators can return to the patient after the scan and stay there while pre-viewing the images and communicating with radiologists for instant feedback if required.

*Remote control :-  The easy-to-use Bluetooth remote control complements the tablet operation by streamlining scanning and making workflow processes more efficient. It simplifies patient positioning by removing the need to use hard -to-reach controls on the gantry. Adjust the table position so everything is ready to go once the patient arrives, and start the X-ray scan remotely. Then, end examinations smoothly by moving the table into the unload position as soon as the scan is over.

*New workplace design :-

Thanks to gantry-integrated computers, the . platform gives our customers complete flexibility over where they position their workstation. Depending on their needs and infrastructure, they can set it up in the same room, outside
The scan room, or in a separate control room. By using the unique “niche” concept, for example, customers can position the console in the same room as the scanner while being perfectly safe from radiation. Thus, they can stay longer with their patients and solve any positioning problems quickly.

*Halo (incl. camera, visual countdown, mood lighting) :-  By helping you keep an eye on the patient at all times, the gantry-integrated camera makes it easy to provide better care. Its 90° viewing angle gives you a superb view of the tunnel on the stationary monitor. The close-up perspective makes it easy to spot even micro-movements and keep the patient in the right position. In addition to the camera, the Halo assembly includes ambient mood lighting and a digital visual countdown to help improve patient well-being and help them comply.

*with breath-hold times:-

The gantry connector box is a key-locked storage box at the side of the gantry including also the on-off gantry switch and an interface for USB ports and memory storage SD devices.
Standard accessories include paper roll holder, mattress for patient table, head holder, cushion set for head holder, patient restraint set, straps, head rest, knee support cushion.
The excellent reliability of the . platform also extends to the heart of the scanner: the Chrono® tube. Featuring a highly robust design and 3.5 MHU anode heat Capacity (8.75 MHU equivalent with SAFIRE), this X-ray tube is built to surpass the performance of its predecessor.

*.Now offers easy diagnosis in fewer workflow steps:- It delivers sub- millimeter slices over the full detector width, is equipped with a long-lasting tube, and features CARE i-Tilt for the protection of sensitive – Slices …. 16 (32 with IVR) • Tube …. 3.5 MHU (8.75 MHU equivalent with SAFIRE)

• Power … 24 kW (60 kW equivalent with SAFIRE)
• High voltage …. , 110,130, Sn 110, Sn 130 kV
• mA …. . 13
• 180 mA (450 mA equivalent with SAFIRE).
• Z coverage …. 1.1 cm (16*0.7 mm)
• Max table load …. 160 kg
• Sub-millimeter slices over the whole detector width
• CARE i-Tilt (X-CARE + i-Tilt)
• Table fixed at specially selected and fully operational height (74 cm)
• Accuracy and low-dose for routine clinical fields
”                 *Sequence acquisition

  • modes: 16x07mm
  • Sn 16×0.7mm (Tin
  • Filter) 2x5mm
  • 1x10m
  • 1x5mm
  • Sequence Acquisition: Reconstructed slice width:
  • 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm “*Spiral acquisition:-
  • modes: 16x07mm
  • Sn 16×0.7mm (Tin Filter)
  • Spiral reconstructed slice width:
  • 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm “
  •  Pitch factor: 0.09 to 1.5

** Customers can optionally upgrade to the lifting comfort 227 Kg Patient table if they wish. With an optimal combination of accuracy and low-dose scanning, .Now delivers excellent clinical results in

**Item Nr: 2

*Assembly package .Now including:
*The excellent reliability of the .platform also extends to the heart of the scanner: the Chrono® tube. Featuring a highly robust design and 3.5 MHU anode heat Capacity (8.75 MHU equivalent with SAFIRE), this X-ray tube is built to surpass the performance of its predecessor.
*Tube collimator High voltage (HV) tank

**Product Name:- *UPS
                  *Item Nr: 3

UPS. An uninterrupted power supply, for the syngo Acquisition Workplace in the event of network fluctuations and brief power failures.

**Product Name:- * Scan &GO wireless edition
                  *Item Nr: 4 • Including Scan &GO Tablet and Remote Scan Control

                  *New mobile workflow:- A central element of optimizing performance and generating daily revenue is an entirely new approach to operating the scanner. Built around a new mobile workflow, . platform features a line-up of innovative solutions – tablet, remote control, camera, and a new workplace design – that bring an unparalleled level of flexibility and mobility to daily CT routines. The solutions also enhance patient comfort for potentially higher levels of patient satisfaction.

                  *Tablet:-  The lightweight, high-resolution tablet gives our customers total freedom over how they work: only a few steps for the entire scan. They can start patient admission as soon as they pick them up from the waiting room, and then operate the scanner directly at the gantry to stay with the patient for longer. Once the scan is over, users can preview the images that are sent wirelessly from the scanner to the tablet, get instant feedback from the responsible radiologist if needed, and return to the patient immediately.

**Tablet technical specifications:- Support for a wide range of wireless broadband and WIFI options to keep you connected on the go

• Brilliant 12” diagonal full HD (1920 x 1280) anti-glare touch display
• 6th generation Intel® Core ™ M processors, solid state drives up to 512 GB
• 8 GB total system memory, front- and back-facing camera and webcam
• 11.8 x 8.4 x 0.3 inches (300 x 213.5 x 8.05 mm) Remote Scan Control technical

 *specifications:-  Bluetooth wireless connectivity

**Product Name:- Computer Desk 1200 mm

            *Item Nr: 5

• CT desk designed to accommodate the control components and color monitor(s).

**Product Name:- Standard AWP Standard IRS

             **Item Nr: 6:- Standard AWP and Standard IRS
            *Integrated hardware into the gantry to enable Flexible Room Design.

• High performance computer CPU, Intel Xeon 3,3 GHz*
• Graphics card Intel® HD Graphics P530*
• Hard disk 480 GB SSD
*or equivalent

**Product Name:-  160 kg Patient Table
         **Item Nr: 7

* 160 Kg Patient table (Vector)
* Max. table load 160 kg / 353
* lbs Table feed speed 1 – 200
* mm/s
* Fixed vertical table position at 740 mm (-150 mm from isocenter)
* Scannable range 1250 mm / 49” with optional patient table extension

**Product Name: * SW Base Package Compact Config.
          **Item Nr: 8

* platform features a holistic set of intuitive solutions that addresses your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. .
* GO Technologies Scan &GO Refer to the detailed description of the approved Scan &GO edition (Wireless, tablet, remote). Check &GO
* This intelligent algorithm flags up problems with coverage just as they occur. Users can correct issues on the go, prevent subsequent errors in multiphase scans, and avoid archiving of suboptimal images.

              *Recon &GO:-  Thanks to Inline Results, Recon &GO reduces postprocessing to zero click, making it part of the standard reconstruction tasks. This ready-to-read technology saves time and cuts down on workflow steps. Recon &GO delivers standardized, high- quality results irrespective of the operator or clinical area, and allows users to spend more time with the patient instead of at the console. Customers will achieve fast and reproducible results with this automated postprocessing and reconstruction solution


• Inline anatomical ranges
• Automated detection of the anatomy and optimized reconstructions based on it. Inline anatomical ranges: powered by ALPHA (Automatic Landmark Parsing of Human Anatomy), this technology automatically recognizes anatomical landmarks in the acquired images and creates Ready- to-Read standard orientations for all joints and body regions.
• Multi Recon
• This feature performs multiple reconstructions in just one step, with 2-3 variations of Kernel, Window and orientation (axial, coronal, sagittal). With this automation 2-3 reconstructions are performed in just one step. The kernel, Window and orientation is clearly displayed for all the reconstructions. Multi-recon: simultaneous reconstruction of different MPR orientations or image impressions (kernel and window settings)

                 *CT View &GO:- • As an all-in-one, cross-specialty viewing solution, CT View &GO provides a large variety of clinical applications and tools for smooth reading in just one workflow. Thanks to a customizable user interface, customers can tailor the system to their needs. In addition, CT View &GO optimizes investment because you can avoid a dedicated workstation

                  *Endoscopic View:-

• Simulated views of e.g. the inside of bronchi, colon and any other hollow structures Simulated display of internal anatomy without any invasion – even in areas where real endoscopic procedures may not be possible.
• A single mouse click to virtually fly forwards or backwards through a tubular structure
• The 3D endoscopic view is constantly correlated with three MPR displays (Multi Planar Reformations) in the familiar syngo four-quadrant display.
• Wide range of interaction modes such as fix-point rotation, zoom/pan, or push/pull/rotate.
• One mouse click to switch on the corresponding endoscopic view at the point of interest defined in MPR display.
• Automatic forward/backward with adjustable velocity
• Choose view direction (forward/backward)
• Results images can be copied on a film sheet, saved on CD or DVD, and exported to other

                       * DICOM nodes:- Diameter / WHO area Longitudinal lesion measurements and WHO for enhanced clinical decisions in oncology

                      *ROI HU Threshold:- Evaluation and display of tissue densities within a certain HU range. This can help to quantify fat semi automatically or assess lesions for hypodense areas as a possible indicator of therapy response.

*Spine Ranges:-

• Guided reconstruction of anatomically aligned spine Curved Planar Reconstructions (CPR). Automatic detection and labeling of vertebrae.
• Sure View TM – Multi slice Image Reconstruction System Thanks to the Sure View reconstruction algorithm, . scanners can produce first-rate images even at higher scan speeds. This feature ensures that the scanner selects the right pitch value for the defined coverage and scan time, while retaining slice thickness and image integrity. This can be particularly valuable for performing sub millimeter lung scans without reducing axial image quality.
• Easy-to-use scan protocols: users can select scan volume (range), mAs, scan time and slice width. Other parameters are automatically calculated and altered by the CT scanner to accommodate the change made by the user.
• Multiply your clinical performance: any pitch value between 0.09 and 1.5 can be automatically selected by the CT scanner, with constant IQ and no slice broadening.

                   *Integrated FAST CARE Solutions:- A comprehensive package of Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) and Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). It ensures maximum workflow efficiency and patients receiving the right dose for their imaging requirements.

                  *FAST Planning:-

• FAST Planning assists the scan and reconstruction planning, based on a topo gram, to provide an easier, faster and standardized workflow in CT scanning. FAST Planning features the selection of the anatomical region of interest from a list prospectively defined scan and reconstruction ranges, automatic detection of the scan region(s) of interest and proposal of corresponding scan range(s) in the topo gram (in a narrow or wide lateral FOV), optimized FOV and automatic iso-center adaptation for Head scans.
• FAST Planning makes CT scan set-up simple and intuitive, even for less experienced technicians. This function can be used in critical clinical situations where there is no time for extensive manual preparation. In addition, FAST Planning helps increase patient safety. The automatic parameter setting allows precise organ coverage without over scanning, and limits the need for rescans due to incorrect positioning. Moreover, the high degree of standardization increases reproducibility and reliability, boosting diagnostic confidence.

                     *SAFIRE (CARE Application) :-

• Equipped with Sino gram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) . scanners achieve higher efficiency in dose reduction while maintaining excellent image quality.
• SAFIRE enhances spatial resolution, reduces image noise and increases sharpness by introducing multiple iteration steps in the reconstruction process.
• The comprehensive iterative reconstruction method SAFIRE brings real raw data based iterative reconstruction . Dose reduction with CT has been limited by the currently used filtered back projection (FBP) reconstruction algorithm. When using this conventional reconstruction of acquired raw data into image data, a trade-off between spatial resolution and image noise has to be considered. Higher spatial resolution increases the ability to see the smallest detail; however, it is directly correlated with increased image noise in standard filtered back projection reconstructions as they are used in CT scanners today.
• Iterative reconstruction approaches allow decoupling of spatial resolution and image noise. With SAFIRE, two correction loops are introduced into the image generation process. These two iteration loops utilize raw-data information to significantly improve image quality. The first loop, where the data is re-projected into the raw data space ( sino gram data) is utilized to correct imperfections in the original reconstructions and reduce artifacts from the data. Additionally, in the second loop, image noise is removed in the iterative corrections without degrading image sharpness. The noise texture of the images is comparable to standard well-established convolution kernels.
• The new technique results in a significantly superior image quality with reduced noise and increased image sharpness that can be translated to dose savings To get immediately started with scanning at the right dose level, dedicated SAFIRE default scan protocols with a reduced dose will be provided.
• In clinical practice, the use of SAFIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. The following test method was used to determine a 54 to 60% dose reduction when using SAFIRE.
• Noise, CT numbers, homogeneity, low-contrast resolution and high contrast resolution were assessed in a Gammed 438 phantom. Low dose data reconstructed with SAFIRE showed the same image quality compared to full dose data based on this test. Data on file.

                    *CARE Dose 4D:-

• CARE Dose4D uses at first an automated adjustment of the dose level depending on patient size based on the attenuation values obtained from the standard (singular) topo gram along the patient z axis. In addition CARE Dose4D uses an adaptation of the tube current based on the actual attenuation of the X-ray beam measured around the patient.
• CARE Filter: Specially designed X-ray exposure bow-tie filter installed at the tube collimator.
• Pediatric Protocols: Special examination protocols with 80 kV and a large range of adjustable mAs values for optimum adaptation of the radiation exposure to the age and weight of the child to be examined.
• CARE Topo: Real-time topo gram, Manual interruption possible once desired anatomy has been imaged.
• CARE Profile – Visualization of the dose distribution along the topo gram prior to the scan.
• Topo gram: Scanning perspectives: anterior-posterior (ap), posterior-anterior (pa), lateral (lat); Image reconstruction, storage: 512 x 512 reconstruction matrix, reconstruction fields of 5 cm to the extended FOV range of HD FoV Pro using raw data zoom with the possibility of freely selecting the image center either before scanning (prospectively) or retrospectively. Patient-related storage of image and raw data.
• CARE Child – Special pediatric clinical protocols with 80 or 110 kV selection and a wide range of mAs settings. The X-ray exposure is adapted to the child’s (and small adult’s) weight and age, substantially reducing the effective patient dose

                      *HD FoV:-

• Designed to enable visualization of the human body parts and skin line located outside of the 50cm standard scan field of view, based on an algorithmic complement of missing detector data outside of the 50cm standard scan FoV.
• The image quality for the area outside the 50cm standard scan field of view does not meet the image quality of the area inside the 50cm standard scan field of view. Image artefacts may appear, depending on the patient setup and anatomy scanned.

                        *WorkStream4D:- • Work Stream 4D further enhances the workflow by offering direct generation of sagittal, coronal, oblique or double-oblique reconstructed images directly from CT raw data as part of the CT protocol. Unlike other automated MPR offerings, Work Stream 4D does not require thin slice data to be reconstructed prior to the production of reformatted images. This enhancement saves time when compared to alternative MPR techniques. In Addition, Work Stream 4D allows the user to produce oblique and double oblique reformats as either MPR or MIP images which substantially improves workflow both for routine and CTA examination when compared with alternative techniques.

                         *IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction):-

• Use the measured data as effectively as possible with Interleaved Volume Reconstruction (IVR).
• Extract the maximum amount of diagnostic information from measured data
• Enhance spatial sampling in z-direction, independent of pitch
• Evaluate smallest structures such as lesions or fractures.

                          *X-CARE :- • X-CARE – Partial scanning to reduce direct X-ray exposure for dose-sensitive body regions, e.g. the eye lens.

                          * CARE i-Tilt :- • Additional flexible inline 3D reconstructions are available with CARE i-Tilt. Combining i-Tilt for inline virtually tilted results with X-CARE, CARE i-Tilt keeps dose low for dose-sensitive body parts, even with data acquired from a non-tilt able gantry

                          *Adaptive Signal Boost :- • Adaptive Signal Boost amplifies low signals when high attenuation is present – such as when imaging obese patients or patients with metal implants. This reduces streak artifacts, ensuring correct HU values are maintained without compromising on spatial resolution. By analyzing signal quality and integrating information from neighboring detector elements into areas with low signals, it can significantly reduce image noise.

                           *Dose MAP:- • Dose MAP – Siemens CT Dose Management Program – creates transparency in dose values and makes it possible to assess the dose situation. It improves security by setting dose alerts. Dose MAP has three components for complete and comprehensive dose management: Report, Analyze, and Protect.

                           *syngo System Security :- • To seamlessly protect your SOMATOM CT scanners syngo System Security is embedded in the scanner software. It comprises of a bundle of solutions against IT risk factors, including unauthorized access to protected health information or manipulation of the medical equipment. After validation by Siemens Healthiness security patches with the latest IT security hotfixes will be provided via Smart Remote Services (SRS). Deployment of Service Packs will be discontinued when a new software version becomes available. For more information please refer to the Security Whitepaper or contact your local sales representative.

**Product Name:- Compact Config. Anglo Package

                              **Item Nr: 9

                            *Angiography software package including: Recon &GO: Inline Table Removal, Inline Bone Removal, Inline Vessel Ranges, Vessel Extension @CT View &GO, FAST ROI.

• Inline Table and Bone Removal Inline Table and Bone Removal: zero-click bone-free VRT reconstruction that facilitates a precise vascular assessment by visualizing blood vessels without interfering anatomical structures.
• Inline Vessel ranges Set of tools and layouts for guided creation of CPR (Curved Planar Reconstructions) for enhanced vascular assessment – for aneurysms of peripheral artery disease, for instance. Inline CPR: zero-click vessel centerline extraction and anatomical labeling of the main vessels with display of Curved Planar Reconstruction of all major vessels to simplify reporting of findings and stenosis assessment.

**Vessel Extension@ CT View &GO:- *Experience a GO workflow in angiography reading with automated tools for evaluation and quantification of any vessel.
• Use automated bone and table removal for an immediate vascular-only view
• Analyze relevant information at a glance (stenosis diameter and area, and curved length)
• Rule out atherosclerosis or severe stenosis quickly.
• Create Curved Planar Reconstructions of any vessels with just two clicks in CT View &GO or get them automatically for the main vessels thanks to inline CPR – Recon &GO technology.

                          *FAST ROI:-  The FAST ROI feature automatically identifies regions of interest and calculates HU for the aorta in bolus-tracking examinations.

**Product Name:- Table Extension

                   **Item Nr: 10

*Comfortable table accessory to extend the maximum scan range.
*Table extension for prolongation of the scan range and easy patient positioning

**Product Name:- Apps Training go. Now/Up Imaging

                 **Item Nr: 11

*4 days on-site Basic training for imaging usage.
*This on-site Apps Training includes:-

• 4 days basic training
• 3 times 1 hour follow up training
*The application training provides not only to train the usage of the system but also to understand the features on the system to maximize the use of the equipment within the user´s daily routine.






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