CUR2142 Hemodialysis

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**Adequacy Assured:-

*Adequacy Assured:-The next generation 4008 s optimizes dialysis outcomes through the use of its revolutionary and mortality rates are closely correlated to the delivered dialysis dose1,2 (Kt/V).

  • Real time values for the effective in-vivo urea clearance (K)
  • Effective dialysis treatment time
  • Accumulated cleared plasma (Kt)
  • Plasma sodium concentration
  • Current dialysis dose administered (Kt/V)”

*Non-invasive and completely automatic:-

  • Requires no additional disposable, laboratory or staff effort
  • An effective quality assurance tool to monitor the delivery of dialysis dose
  • No extra costs per treatment

*An accurate assessment of the urea distribution volume (V) with the Body Composition Monitor (BCM) assures a precise target for dialysis dose prescription.
Validated in renal patients, the BCM provides a convenient assessment to help deliver adequate. The BCM is available separately.

**Ease of Operation:-The next generation 4008 S dialysis machine is designed for ease of use while providing the highest standards of patient safety and treatment hygiene.

  • Central allocation of all functions for easy handling of treatment parameters
  • Traffic light clearly indicates the treatment status
  • Built-in tray for user convenience
  • Multi-color graphical display viewable from any angle
  • Easy cleaning of all surfaces

*The integrated Patient Card provides easily accessible, automated data management.

  • Help avoid uncertainties in potion
  • Allows rapid retrieval of recent treatment prescriptions
  • Ensures patient safety due to reduced input errors.

*TDMS(Therapy Data management System):-The Patient Card facilitates long-term patient surveillance and can be used in conjunction with Therapy Data management System (TDMS) For more details please contact your local representative.

**Safety, Convenience and Reliability:-


  • Quality and purity of dialysis fluid are critical to successful dialysis
  • HD patients are typically exposed to 12,000 – 19,000 liters of dialysate per year
  • Micro-contaminants such as endotoxin fragments can enter the blood compartment with undesirable consequences such as inflammation and other acute complications such as hypotension
  • Ultrafiltration of fresh dialysate by the DIASAFE plus is performed immediately upstream of the dialyzer: this removes the risk of patient exposure to bacterial micro contaminants
  • Whether performing high-flux or low-flux dialysis, the risk of endotoxin transfer can be minimized by using the DIASAFE plus

*Blood pressure Monitoring using the BPM (optional feature):-

  • Fully automated and non-invasive, operating on the principles of oscillometer
  • Programmable measurement interval of 5 – 15 – 30 – 60 minutes and quick measurement
  • Measurement of systolic and Diastolic blood pressure, Mean Arterial pressure (MAP) and Pulse rate

*Volumetrically controlled ultrafiltration and closed-system hydraulics:-

  • Fresenius Medical Care innovation for precise control of fluid removal

*UF and Sodium profiling :-

  • Six pre-programed ultrafiltration profiles and/or balance-neutral sodium profiles may improve tolerance to fluid removal while minimizing intradialytic complications and preventing intradialytic sodium loading”

**Service Excellence:-Fresenius Medical Care recognizes that the finest technology is only as good as the attention it receives in service and maintenance. When choosing Fresenius Medical Care as your partner, you are assured of ongoing support essential to meeting the demands of caring for your equipment and for your patients. This is out commitment.

  • Leading Technologies Local Expertise

**Highest Standards of Patient Care:-

  • Assured adequacy with the OCM
  • Compatible with all types of HD disposables
  • Integrated Patient card
  • Multilanguage capability
  • Proven reliability
  • Backed by Fresenius Medical Care service excellence”

**Outstanding value:-The 4008 series from Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s most trusted dialysis machine platform. The next generation 4008 S is the latest addition to the 4008 family and continues our heritage of quality and safety.
*The 4008 series offers industry leading lifetime ownership costs through its proven track record for durability and reliability.
*With its ergonomic new design, the next generation 4008 S is easy to use with all functions centrally located.
* The next generation 4008 S ensures standard of care are achieved for all patients. The OCM and the DIASAFE plus are standard features delivering assured adequacy and ultrapure dialysate with every treatment.

**Technical Data Hemodialysis Machine 4008 S Technical Date:-

*General data:- Dimensions- 1370 x 480 x48 mm (H x W x D) (Depth of pedestal 630) Weight approx. 86kg

          *Water supply:-

*Water inlet pressure – (1.5 – 6.0 bar)
*Water Inlet temperature – 5C – 30c
*Max. Drain height – (- 1 m)

*Concentrate supply:- Supply pressure / 1 m suction height

*Electrical data :-

*Power supply / (230 V ± 10%, 47 – 63 Hz)
*Current consumption / max. 0 A
*Power supply / 110 y ±10%. 47 – 63 Hz
*Current consumption / max. 15 A
*External connections / “Alarm In”: zero potential alarm Inlet ‘Alarm out”: zero potential alarm outlet

*Extracorporeal circuit:-

*Arterial pressure / monitoring
*Display range / (-300 mmHg to +280 mmHg)
*Accuracy / ( ±10 mmHg)
*Resolution / 20 mmHg

*Transmembrane pressure monitoring:-

*Display range / -60 mmHg to r 520 mmHg
*Resolution / 20 mmHg

*Arterial blood pump:-

*Blood flow ran / 15 to 600 ml/min In 8 mm bloodline systems
*Accuracy / ±10%

*Air bubble detector by ultrasound transmission. additional optical monitoring in venous clamp

*Heparin pump:-

*Delivery range / 0 to 10 mL/h
*Bolus function / max. 5 mL per bolus
*Syringe size / 20 mL

*Dialysis fluid circuit:-

*Dialysis fluid flow range Selectable / 0 – 300 -500 – 800 mL/min

*Technical Data – O. flans:-

*Single-Needle / With 2 blood pumps. Internal pressure/pressure




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