CUR2132 Oxygen Supply system

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**NF Introduction:-

*Beautiful harmony with nature and oxygen from clean nature, NF Co.Ltd:-

  • NF is a company that would like to bring natural and eco-friendly world. Recently, the world has witnessed the era of environment and resource crisis like various climate change, aggravated water scarcity and food crisis. So, the interests of the public have been increased more and more.
  • To build mutual coexistence between environment and human beings under these hard- ships, NF would like to find a way of letting environment and human beings mutually live by providing various products with the motto of ‘natural product’ and ’eco-friendly product’.
  • The world is facing environment crisis symbolized with severe climate change as well as resource crisis. Accordingly, environment has been emerged as the key of national competitiveness in the future. Global warming threatens the survival of human beings and sustainable economic growth. So the movement of international environmental regelation against green house gases will be strengthened and there will be lots of changes in national and international environments.
  • To meet the international environment regulations and actively respond to the changes of international environment. NF would like to take its solid roots as an environmental company that promotes public interests by improving professionalism, developing sustainable eco friendly products and strengthening and securing international competencies.

**MEDICAL Oxygen Supply System:-This product got an approval from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a medical de- vice. It is concentrated control type oxygen supply system that is developed to replace charging type high pressure liquid oxygen provided to wards of hospitals: it is Korean only concentrated control type medical oxygen supply system that can be continuously operated 365 days without any charging and supply 90% highly purified oxygen. Com- pared to high pressure liquid type, it excels in economic aspect, convenience, safety and expansion, which in turn brings innovative turning point in Medical Oxygen Supply System

  • Without any additional piping work, it can use exixting pipe for liquid or gas liquid. It is installed just by adding MOSS-450/300/150 and the time of connecting pipe will take only 10 minutes or less.
  • Diagram of pipe for concentrated control type Oxygen Supply System.

**NF Product:-The core goal of medical products is in providing highly purified oxygen that is needed for patients. Our Medical Oxygen Supplier is a product that can be used as an alternative for liquid/gas oxygen at small and medium sized hospitals. As a concentrated control type oxygen supply system for small and medium sized hospitals, it can be used at small and medium sized hospitals or medium and large sized care clinics. In addition, it does not need any additional installation constructions. It is connected to the existing oxygen pipe and if it is needed, it can be promptly used with current system.

** MOSS-450S

*  Specification Oxygen Purification 93±3%
*Oxygen Flow 45±3 LPM
*Supplied Pressure 1.6kg/cm2(max 5 kg/cm2)
* Workable Temperature MAX MAX 50°C
* Workable Electricity AC 220V 60 HZ
* Consumed Power 2.9 KW/h
* Weight 220 kg
* Size 750×730×1300mm(W×D×H)


*Pure Oxygen 81kg (per a day)
*Automatic Oxygen Supplier for small and medium sized hospitals.


*Specification :-

*Oxygen Purification 93±3%
*Oxygen Flow 30±3 LPM
*Supplied Pressure 1.6 kg/cm2(max 5kg/cm2)
*Workable Temperature MAX 50°C
*Workable Electricity AC 220V 60Hz
*Consumed Power 1.9 KW/h
*Weight 170Kg
*Size 540×730×1300mm(W×D×H)


*Pure Oxygen. 54 kg(Per a day)
*Automatic Oxygen Supplier for small and medium sized hospitals.



*Oxygen Purification 93±3%
*Oxygen Flow 15±3 LPM
*Supplied Pressure 1.6kg/cm2(max 5kg/cm2)
*Workable Temperature MAX 50°C
*Workable Electricity AC 220 V 60Hz
*Consumed Power 960W/h
*Weight 106Kg
*Size 550×800×930mm(W×D×H)


   *Pure Oxygen. 54 kg(Per a day)
   *Automatic Oxygen Supplier for small and medium sized hospitals.

**ASS [Auto Switchover System] (Option):-System that automatically changes supply oxygen supply from the installed reserve oxygen tank by attaching automatic conversion device that allows smooth oxygen supply in emergencies, which include, restriction of energy to oxygen generating device and decrees in fixed pressure.

**Oxygen Supply System Value:-

   *For Small and Medium sized Hospitals,
   *Concentrated Control type
   *Automatic Oxygen Supply System

**Character of Automatic Oxygen Supply System:-

* Durability : Best Quality, Modulation of parts, Regular Check System
* Economy Feasibility : Excellent cost saving compared to existing liquid bxygen,10% cheaper or more
* Simplicity : Simple work, Easy to operate, Need a small place for installation
* Patent : No. 1117356,Medical Oxygen Supply System
* Convenience : Convenient in managing, do not need refill or exchange
* Competitiveness : Differentiate the liquid oxygen as 21st century type sophisticated products, Improve its com- restiveness
* Safety : Secured safety against an/a explosion and stop of oxygen supply Laboratory
* GMP Certified :Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Testing

**Medical Oxygen Supply System:-

*Problems of liquid oxygen system for hospitals:-

• Cumbersome in exchange and refill continuously
• Excessive cost of maintenance and repeated management stress
• Need large space to display extra liquid oxygen container
• Risk of damaging other facilities in moving a container that is high pressure and heavy
• Always have a risk of explosion due to high pressure
• Need a high pressure gas storing facility with explosion-proof-facilities
• Burden of labor cost due to hiring safety manager

*Upsides of NF’s concentrated control type oxygen supply system:-

• Continuous oxygen supply by making oxygen in real time.
• Free from excessive cost of maintenance and repeated management stress
• Save a space because it does not need a space for a high pressure container
• Resolve the risk of explosion by not using high pressure container
• No damages of facilities by not using high pressure container
• Do not need explosion proof facilities by not using the high pressure container
• No burden of labor cost with automatic oxygen supply system.

**NF OXYGEN Supply System:-NF Co. LTD established Environment R&D Institute. It has made strenuous efforts in conducting R&D For new technologies that will be needed not only for applied development of cur rent Oxygen technology and performing national Projects but also for future oxygen market.




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