CUR2131 100 I Infusion Pump

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    • Manual/Automatic Bolus.
    • Vertical & Horizontal mounting clamp.
    • Anti-bolus system.
    • DPS dynamic Pressure display.
    • 2000 events stored can be checked and download.
    • Large color TFT display with adjustable brightness.

**Specifications( infusion Pump AB 100 I):-.


   • Fit IV tubes Can be used with any brand IV set after exactly calibration
   • Accuracy 2%
   • Delivery rate ran ge 0.1ml/h-1200mI/h(0.1ml step)
   • Delivery time range 00h01min – 99h59min (1 min step)
   • Volume limit range 0.0-9999mI (1 ml step)
   • Total Volume Range 0.0-9999mI (1 ml step)
   • Dose Mode “Volume:0.1-999.9mI(0.1mI step)
   •  DRUG MASS:0.1-999.9mg (0.1mg step)
   •  DOSE:0.001-9999ug/kg/min(0.001ug/kg/min step)
   •  WEIGHT:0.1-300kg(0.1kg the least step)”
   • Drug library Mode Available (only for VP3)
   • Sequential mode Available (only for VP3)
   • KVO Rate 0.0-5.0mI/h. Programmable and adjust able
   • DPS Occlusion Pressure LOW: 60a (15) kPa MEDIUM:901 (15) kPa HIGH:120+ (15) kPa (Adjustable)
   • Alarms Rate Abnormal , Door Open , Air -in -line , Occlusion , Bottle Empty Battery Empty, No Battery, Key       Holding During Infusion/Pause, Infusion Compete ,No Action ,Battery Low.
Alarm volume Three levels: LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH
Bolus function Bolus rate:1.0-1200mI/h, Bolus volume:1.0-100mI Automatic/Manual ,programmable and adjustable
Purge Rate Programmable and adjustable
Interface RS-232
Brightness 1-10 levels can be selected
History records 2000 events stored can be checked and downloaded
Power source ”
AC power supply :AC 100 to 240V( +/-10%) , 50/60Hz;
DC Power supply:12-15V, power>15W;
Built-in Lithium Battery: Rechargeable, 11.1V, 2000mAh.
12 hours of continuous operation”
Protection Class Class I, Type CF,IPX4
Dimension /N.W 120mm*100mm*215mm , 1.7kg
Packing size/G.W 250mm*190mm*155mm , 2.5kg


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