CUR2126 Ultrasound Machine

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**Introducing SonoRad K9 Introducing:-Kiran SonoRad K9 offers Excellent Clinical Value for a wide range of Applications. It enables you to go the extra mile to deliver Care.

*User-Friendly Workflow:-

To select the desired application with automatic preset
To optimize the image automatically
To save still image and CINE loop
To measure
To make report
To print to PC or Video Printer

**Excellent Ergonomics :-

Dual probe -holder
DICOM (option)
Built-in battery: 2.5 hours
Unique LED: reduce eye fatigue
Rotatable LED monitor (0~30º): for different viewing anglers
Keyboard design: for easy and quick access

*Easy to Carry!

*Excellent Clinical Value :-

Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler:- Detect blood flow with high velocity and helps to diagnose with more clinical information.
Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI):- Tissue Doppler imaging is a novel echocardiography technique that directly measures myocardial velocity. Systolic TD measurements assesses left and right ventricular myocardial contractile function. Diastolic TD values reflect myocardial relaxation.
Triplex:- Triplex combines B, Color with PW to help the user diagnose more confidently, accurately and helps to improve the efficiency
Auto IMT Function:- Automatically traces the intima and measures the thickness of the intima. This allows to measure the intima faster, more easily and more accurately.
Super Needle:- With Super Needle, clinicians can see needle inside tissue more clearly during medical procedures with needle angle up to ±30º

*Extraordinary Clinical Value :- 

Thyroid, CPA Mode
Carotid, 2D Steer
Carotid, Triplex
Liver, B Mode
Liver, Color Mode
Kidney, B/BC Mode
Cardiac, B/BC Mode
Liver, PW Mode
Cardiac, PW Mode

*Wide Range of Probes

2.5 MHz-5.0 MHz Convex C3-A
5.3 MHz-10.0 MHz Linear L7M-A
5.3 MHz-11.0 MHz Linear L7S-A
4.5 MHz-8.0 MHz Transvaginal V6-A
5.0 MHz-10.0 MHz Trans-Rectal R7-A
2.5 MHz-4.5 MHz Phased Array P3-A
2.5 MHz-5.0 MHz Micro-Convex MC3-A
4.5 MHz-8.0 MHz Micro-Convex MC6-A



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