CUR2125 Biochemistry Analyzers

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**TRANSASIA CHEM-7 :-*The next – generation clinical chemistry analyzer.

    • 56 Direct Access Keys
    • Monitoring of Q.C.
    • Online Display of Reaction Curve
    • Unique Triple Cuvette System
    • Low Reagent Consumption
    • Direct Painter / Keyboard Connectivity

**Technical Specifications *Optical Module

    • Static Photometer with Photometric range (340-700)
    • 8 interference fitters 340,450,505,546,578,600,and 670nm
    • Silicon photodiode doctors
    • Photometric Range from 0 to 3.0 OD
    • Quartz Halogen Lamp of 12v, 20W

*Measuring Module

Unique Triple Curette system
18 μl Flow cell
10 mm Square Cuvette
6mm Round Glass Tube with Adaptor”

Peltier temperature Control: 20°C – 40°C in steps of 1°C
Peristaltic Pump
Minimum Aspiration Volume 200 μl

*Analysis Modes:-

1 point linear
2-point linear
1-point nin-linear
2-point nin-linear
Rate A linear
Rate A non-linear
1-point sample blank linear
1-point sample blank non-linear


200 User Defined Test programs
1000 Test Result
Reagent Blank
3 levels of QC

*Result Recall:-

Collated Report by Data ,ID, Date & ID
Test & Date wise and patient Demographics

*Built-in QC :- Daily and Monthly monitoring for 3 levels Levy-jenning QC Graphs


• High Resolution Graphics LCD with backlight.
• View Area: 120 × 92 mm

*Keyboard:-  41 multifunctional Keys and dynamic Key

*Printer:-  In built High Resolution Graphic Thermal Printer


USB Connectivity to PC
Direct Printer connectivity through USB port
Port for External keyboard


External Universal SMPS adapter
18v DC,70W, 100-240V, 50/60 Hz.

*Size(mm) • 205 (H) × 450 (W) × 300(D)

*Weight:-  Approx 7 Kgs.

*Optional Accessories:- External 16 position Dry Block Incubator




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