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**Smith & nephew:-

  • LENS™ Surgical Imaging System
  • Supporting healthcare professionals for over 150 years

**Connected in the OR:-

*LED light source :- 30K hour product lifetime

*System Console:-

  • Eco-friendly
  • Controlled by app, CCU or camera head

*Camera Control Unit (CCU):-

  • HD camera control
  • Customizable procedure settings
  • Built-in WiFi connects to app

*Image Management System:-

  • Fully-functional media system
  • USB data storage and transfer
  • Control through CCU or app

**Autoclavable Camera Head:-.

*Camera Head Features :-

  • 1080p broadcast grade image technology – no up conversion required
  • Broad depth of field
  • Customizable three button, six function control
  • Multiple sterilization modalities – steam and chemical
  • Ergonomic design

**LENS System iPad® App :-

*Image and Video Management :-

  • Create annotations
  • Print wirelessly
  • E-mail assets directly

*Management :-

  • Create annotations
  • Print wirelessly
  • E-mail assets directly Wireless Control of Camera Functions
  • Control all camera functions without having to go to the video tower
  • Easy for staff to capture and label what you want

**LENS™ Surgical Imaging System:-

*Clarity and confidence are at your fingertips:-Illumination, visualization, image capture, image management and patient reports are all here, in one system, and for one cost. The Camera captures in high definition, the Camera Head is autoclavable, durable and ergonomic, and a proprietary iPad® application takes media management and versatility to a whole new level.

**Connected beyond the OR:-

*PDF Report Customization :-

  • Patient-specific report can include hospital logo, notes, direction and several images
  • Available for free with product purchase at the Apple App Store

*Auto Print Functionality:-

  • Automatically print during the operative use mode as images are acquired
  • Fully printed report can be available at the end of the case with little or no wait during the postoperative phase

*Email:- Email images, videos and reports directly to the patient, office or colleagues

*PACS Compatibility via Integration Broker:- 

  • Direct connection into the hospital’s PACS system with additional software
  • Pull worklist data directly into the system each day to save time and potentially minimize errors

*Consultation with patients or colleagues:-

  • Use the app to counsel patients and their families
  • Email directly to colleagues
  • Save assets for use in presentations

**Integration is everything:-Integration Broker (IB) is a software application that converts images and videos obtained by the LENS System to a DICOM-compatible format for export to the hospital PACS system. IB will also interface to the hospital PACS and acquire the Patient Query Worklist, at which point, the LENS System will pull the worklist data the current day, providing the user with potentially error-free patient creation.

*LENS™ plus Integration Broker means a direct connection to PACS.:-

  • Patient Information
  • Integration Broker Software.
  • PACS
  • LENS Surgical Imaging System

*Utilize Integration Broker with the LENS System::-

  • Reduce data entry errors by importing patient information directly from EMR
  • Designed to potentially improve efficiencies in the OR
  • Service multiple ORs with one instance of Integration Broker
  • Provide light service on the network: easy to install, configure and use
  • Increase universal accessibility of images and video clips acquired within the OR

**All-in-one visualization solution:-


  • Latest CMOS chip technology
  • Quality, true HD image capture
  • Excellent depth of focus
  • Clear live video recording


  • Durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Core visualization features


  • All-in-one offering
  • Potential to minimize capital investment
  • One app, multiple users


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