CUR2117 Standing Wheelchair

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**Arise Unlocking Lives is a manual wheelchair with an inbuilt feature that allows the user to independently rise to a standing position.

* A majority of users of conventional wheelchairs lack control over their lower limb musculature and require considerable effort, assistance and/or aids to get to a standing position. The ability to attain and maintain a standing position is greatly beneficial to the health, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing of a wheelchair user. Research has shown that at least 30 minutes of standing, preferably 5 minutes of standing six times a day, is essential for the wellbeing of a wheelchair user. In addition to enabling the individual to perform numerous tasks that she or he might not be able to perform while in a sitting position, a standing posture provides multiple health benefits such as improving the blood circulation of the lower limbs, controlling bowel movements, healing pressure sores, preventing muscle spasticity and contractures and improving respiratory function, skin integrity and bone mineral density. Standing also offers the user an increased sense of psychological wellbeing and social significance

* Arise is a completely mechanical standing wheelchair. While it functions like a regular wheelchair in facilitating mobility, it further allows users to raise themselves into the standing position with the muscle power of the arms. When Arise is optimally adjusted, the effort required to operate the standing mechanism is only about the same as the effort required to propel the wheelchair. In addition to typical safety features such as straps and guards, additional locking mechanisms are incorporated in Arise to prevent accidental activation and to ensure the stability of the user when standing. Affordability has been achieved by creating a novel mass manufacturable mechanical design that incorporates the customizability required to accommodate a wide range of wheelchair users.


  • Arise is designed to be used both outdoors and in indoor environments
  • At places of employment such as of fices and factories
  • At home—in the bedroom kitchen, bathroom and toilet
  • At public places—parks, temples, beaches
  • At public facilities such as banks, post offices, ATMs, shops and marketplaces


  • A one-time fitting ensures optimal operation and a comfortable user experience
  • Adjustable rear wheel position for better propulsion
  • Gas spring, adjustable to user’s weight, enables smooth transition from sitting position to standing position
  • Standing angle of 75°
  • Longer wheel base ensures stability in standing position
  • Easy and smooth to manoeuvre
  • User weight up to 110 kg
  • Affordably priced
  • Safety features to avoid accidental standing
  • Rugged. Suitable for outdoor use


  • Slopes and ramps (up to 6°, both uphill and downhill)
  • Slopes and ramps (up to 6°, both uphill and downhill)
  • Unpaved gravel, sand and mud roads
  • Low kerbs (up to 3 inches high)
  • Indoors (houses, offices)
  • Paved roads with potholes


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