CUR2116 Comprehensive Infant Care

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*The CIC 101 forum PHOENIX is simply the most sophisticated neonatal open system today. it has been designed to meet the requirements involved in providing care for the preterm infant and to meet the critical situations that may arise in providing such care. CIC 101 is remarkable convenient and use friendly and user friend, the space around the infant is organized efficiently for the convenience of care-givers, the mother and visitors.

*WARMER UNIT:-  Temperature sensing is performed using a thermistor. The entire warmer unit may be swivelled away be swivelled away on either side when X-Ray equipment is used.


  • Two soft-start examination lamps minimize disturbance of the sleeping baby.
  • The lamps are switched on or off and dimmed using Phoenix’s innovative non-touch system. This system ensure that infections are not spread by contact with switches.

*ALARMS:-The unified alarm system facilitates intelligent management of alarms for different alarm situations. Alarms are ramped, thereby reducing noise disturbance. A pilot lamp a visual indication.

*HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT:-The height of the bed along with the control and display panel and the warmer unit may be adjusted to your convenience. Foot-operated switches have been provided on both side of the equipment for adjusting the height easily.

*HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT:-  The height of the bed along with the control and display panel and the warmer unit may be adjusted to your convenience. Foot-Operated switches have been provided on both side of the equipment for adjusting the height easily.

*INSTRUMENT TRAY:– Instrument trays may be placed at six convenient locations.


  • The graphic display is integrated with the controls.
  • All vital parameters are displayed clearly in one panel and trended over 24 hours

*PLUSE OXIMETERY:-Pulse oximeter measurements are performed using well established.

*WEIGHING SCALE:- The CIC 101 features on in-bed weighing scale, and so the baby does not need to be transferred for weight measurements. The weight of nappies, caps,etc, are automatically discounted.

*CPAP:-  The resuscitation unit features intermittent Positive-Pressure ventilation (IPPV). The flow-based operation of the CPAP unit is baby-friendly and eases the breathing.


  • The bed also swivels to provide quick access to the infant’s head for resuscitation in emergencies. This feature also permits close contact with the mother. The bed may be flited to Trendelenburg-and fowler-like position after surgery and after a feed.
  • A gas-assisted mechanism flits the bed smoothly. X-Ray trays may be slid into and out of the X-Ray compartment without any need to handle the infant.

**TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:-Self-checking microcontroller based baby control system

*Physical dimensions:-

• Skin Temperature
• Heater set value
• Baby Weight
• Heart rate (BPM)
• SpO2


  • Castors 5″ with brakes
  • Infant bed Oval shaped bed for greater accessibility
  • Bed tilt ± 12°
  • Bed rotation ± 60°
  • X-ray provision Provision to take X-rays with the help of portable machines without shifting the infant.

*Permits rotation of the heater without disturbing the infant during radiography

*Electrical power requirements:-

  • Operating voltage 230 V AC ~
  • Power rating 750W
  • Fuse rating 4 A
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Leakage current 0.5 mA*Observation lamp with dimmer controller 12v, 20w (touch free)

* Skin temperature probe:-

  • Range 6°C to 50° C
  • Accuracy ±0.2° C
  • Resolution 0.1° C
  • Probe interchangeability ±0.2° C

*Servo Mode:-

  • Set temperature range (Servo) 32° C to 37° C,
  • Override able up to 38° C

*Heater:-Single element 600 W quartz infrared heating element placed in a parabolic reflector 12months
Heater Life Time

*Manual Mode:-Heater output control range (Manual) 0% to 100% (5% increments)

*Pre-Warm Mode:-

  • Heater output control 30% after 12 minutes
  • 60% after 3 minutes
  •  Height adjustment is optional

*Audio and visual alarms:-

· High / Low infant temperature
· Probe failure
· Heater failure
· Power failure ( up to 10 minutes)
· SpO2, BPM (High / Low)
· System failure with automatic heater cut off
· Power down alarm in manual mode (after 10 minutes, heater power reduce to 60%)
· Manual mode alert alarm (every 15 minutes)
· Over temperature
· High, low oxygen concentration (±5% from the set value) for CPAP function
· High, low pressure (±2 cm H2O from the set value) for CPAP function

*Visual alarms (Screen message):-

·Peripheral probe failure
·Skin temperature difference (1 deg. C between two probes)

        *Battery backup:-  For NCPAP and for temperature monitoring1 hour (max)

*APGAR Timer (Optional):-

• Works in Pre-Warm mode only
• Beep sound at 1, 3, 5 & 10 minutes
• Stop at 20 minutes

*TIMER (Optional):-

• Works in Manual and Baby servo mode
• UP / Down

*Internal Weighing Scale (Optional):-

  • Accuracy +/-10 g
  • Load capacity 10 kg (max)

*RESUSCITATION: (Optional):-Breathing aid

  • Airway ventilation outlet (hand operated port)
  • Oxygen flow rate control 0 _ 8 Lit/min
  • Breathing rate control Manual
  • Maximum airway pressure 35 cm H2O
  • Adjustable airway pressure 10 _ 35 mm H2O

*Suction control :-

  • Maximum suction 250 mm Hg
  • Vacuum gauge range (Electrical option on request) 0 – 760 mm Hg

*Auxiliary oxygen outlet:-

  • Oxygen flow control 0 _ 8 Lit/min
  • Maximum airway pressure 55 cm H2O


  • Oxygen saturation range 0% to 100%
  • Pulse rate range 25 to 240 BPM
  • Perfusion index 0.00% to 20.00%

 *CPAP (Optional):-

  • Oxygen flow rate control 0-8 Lit/min.
  • O2 concentration 21% to 100 %
  • Oxygen inlet pressure 3 bar to 6 bar
  • Air inlet pressure 3 bar to 6 bar
  • Suction pressure 0 to 250 mm Hg
  • Manometer (digital) 0 to 99 cm H2O
  • Bar display digital 0 to 20 cm H2O
  • CPAP pressure 0 to 20 cm H2O

*Air & oxygen blender:-The patient should always be open to the atmosphere, and the resistance (PEEP) should be generated by flow.

*Accessories (Optional):-

  • Supplied with bonnet and cap for correct positioning of nasal prong
  • Supplied with prongs of 3 sizes (small, medium and large)
  • Provided with PEEP generator near baby to ease respiratory effort by the baby and reduce dead space

*Standard accessories:-

  • Height-adjustable IV stand
  • Mayo trays
  • IV pipe for fixing accessories

*Coating (Epoxy/powder coating for scratch resistance and rust protection):-Electrical protection

  • Type of protection against electric shock Class 1
  • Degree of protection against electric shock Type B
  • Mode of operation Continuous
  • Protection against hazards of explosion Not-protected

*Manufactured to standards:- IEC 60601 – 1, IEC 60601 – 1- 2, IEC 60601 – 2- 21

*Environmental specifications:-

  • Operation temperature range 18°C to 30°C
  • Storage temperature range 10°C to 60°C
  • Operating humidity range 0% to 100% RH



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