CUR2113 Haven-Hood

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**Haven Hood:- A protective barrier against COVID-19

  *The Phoenix Haven Hood avoids aerosolization of expired gases from patient providing a safe environment for healthcare professionals. It takes in blended oxygen input and maintains PEEP pressure providing an effective treatment and speedy recovery for patients with ARDS like COVID-19. • Transparent hood

Medical grade silicone stretchable neck seal
 • PEEP valve 0-20 cm H2O
 • Bacteria virus filter
 • Gas Output
 • Zip for quick and easy access(optional)
 • Adjustable straps
   • Gas input


*Safe Environment:-Provides a safe environment for health care professionals by filtering exhaled gases.

*Avoid Intubation:-  Intubation rate reduced to 18.2% from 61.5% with helmet compared to facemask for ARDS patients

*Patient Comfort:-  Provides comfortable interface for the patients through soft silicone ring.

*Recovery Time:-  Supports in faster recovery

*Affordable:- Venturi and helmet provides a complete & affordable solution.


  • Transparent hood for clear visibility
  • Zip Facility for quick access ( Optional )
  • Controllable PEEP
  • Different sizes of silicone ring to provide neck comfortness
  • Drinking port for liquid intake

**Avoided intubation:-

  • The use of a helmet avoided intubation in 54% of patients with 1ARDS
  • The use of a helmet avoided intubation in 20% of patients with COVID-19


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