CUR2111 Infant Radiant Warmer

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**RADIATING warmth FRIENDLY to handle:-

*The NWS 101 provides radiant warmth for infants suffering form severe heat loss.
*It is suitable for all environments from labour room to neonatal ICUs.


• Infrared (IR) radiation is beamed from a quartz heater by a parabolic reflector. This provides uniform warmth rapidly all over the bed. The heater can be operated in servo and manual modes.
• The heater unit can be swivelled to accommodate X-ray units.
• All the costors are provided with foot-operated brakes. The NWS 101 may be shifted easily by just one person using the convenient handles.
• The infant temperature is measured quickly using a high sensitivity thermistor probe and displayed on a large, easy-to read LED display. The display has a battery back-up and indicates the temperature even during power failures.
• The control panel is ergonomically designed with soft-touch keys. This modular panel may be easily removed if servicing is required. An easily accessible quick references is provided on the side of the NWS 101
• The NWS 101 is equipped with a dazzle -free observation light for examination of the infant.
• Height adjustable 4 pole is provided. Accessories like infusion pump can be attached on the 4 Pole.
• Storage space provided to place the baby things.

*The NWS 101 is backed by the many years of experience PHOENIX has in designing and supplying sophisticated neonatal care equipment worldwide.

*PHOENIX endeavours to meet yours every need. If your practice has any special requirement,call PHOENIX. We will be happy to provide you a solution.


*Electric specifications:-

  • Operating Voltage* 230V AC-,50Hz Examination lamp:-
  • Power consumption (Max) 650 W/ 3.4A Lamp type
  • Heater Power 600w Lamp illumination
  • Lamp life time
  • Heater-Single element Quartz Infrared heating element placed in a Parabolic Reflector
  • Manual Mode Heater control range 0% to 100%(in 10% increments)
  • Heater Life Time 12 months
  • Skin temperature probe Thermistor based interchangeable probe
  • Measuring Temperature Range 15°C to 40°C
  • Accuracy ±0.2°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Probe interchangeability ±0.2°C
  • Servo mode set temperature range 32°C to 38°C
  • Need for Probe calibration not Required*Examination lamp:-
  • Lamp type 7W LED Lamp
  • Lamp illumination 90 foot candelas at center of mattress (Mattress 85cm from the heater module)
  • Lamp life time >8000 hrs

*Alarms (Audio and visual alarms):-

  • High temperature(>0.5°C difference)
  • Low infant temperature(<0.5°C difference)
  • Temperature Probe failure
  • Heater failure
  • Power failure
  • System Failure
  • Time out alarm(Manual mode automatic reduction of heater output at 10 minutes)
  • Manual mode alert alarm (every 15 min)
  • Over temperature. Automatic cut-off of heater at 39°C
  • Over Temperature Protection Bright 1″ numerical LED for display infant Temperature
  • Temperature Display Bright 0.5″ numerical LED for display Set Temperature.
  • Fuse Rating Model – 110V Model -230V
  • Main Supply 8A 4A
  • Bassinet Tilting Up to 12.
  • Bassinet Designsion 82 cm(L)× 52cm (W)
  • Physical Dimension 105 cm(L)×78 cm(W) ×190(H)
  • Weight 49 Kg
  • Standard Accessories: 4 pole, monitor Tray
  • Optional Accessories: APGAR Timer, Bassinet

*Coating:Epoxy /power coated body for scratch protection and rust prevention

*Refer rating plate on the device for operating voltage.

*Recommended environment specifications:-

  • Operating Temperature range 18°C to 30°C
  • Humidity range 10% to 75% RH
  • Atmospheric pressure 700 to 1060 hPa
  • Transport/ Storage Temperature range 10°C to 60°C
  • Humidity range 10% to 90% RH
  • Atmospheric Pressure 500 to 1060 hPa

*Best result in low convective air current

*Manufactured to standard:

• IEC 60601 – 1,
• IEC 60601 – 2-21,
• IEC 60601 – 1-2,
• CISPER 11 B Emissions


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