CUR2109 NCPAP (C-300)

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**GENTLE Pressure EASY breathing:-

* NCPAP 300 is the best system when it comes to provide safe effective continuous positive airway pressure support .

*The ergonomically designed nCPAP 300 Provides the required blend of gases at a gentle pressure that keep the baby’s alveoli open. Treatment with the nCPAP300 improves the functional residual capacity of the newborn.

* The sophisticated nCPAP 300 is remarkable easy to calibrate and operate nCPAP 300 puts the care-giver’s mind at ease. allowing her or him to focus entirely on the infant. The friendly looks of the nCPAP 300 harmonise well with any hospital setting.

Air Filter • Fresh gas output
Mute alarm & selection key • Visual alarm indicator
Flow adjustment • Power card connector
Set alarm • Power on/Off
Fio,adjustment • O2 hose connection
Proximal tube • Air hose connection
Apnea timer

*The NCPAP 300 is versatile:-

  • It can be configured for any one three ventilation strategies at a time.
  • Bubble CPAP therapy
  • Variable-Flow CPAP therapy
  • High – flow nasal cannula therapy

*It can be controlled precisely:-

  • The flow can be controlled in range of 0 to 15 LPM
  • The FiO2 setting be adjusted from 21% – 100% in a resolution of 1%

*It is convenient:-

  • All the respiratory parameters are monitored on a large 7″ colour LCD screen.
  • Control is through ergonomic buttons

*It is effective:-

► The nCPAP has an electronic air – oxygen blender. it delivers gases accurately.
► Real -time monitoring of flow. pressure and FiO2
► Control of flow and FiO2
► Adjustable apnea monitor*
► Convenient graphical LCD display
► Audible alarms with mute function.

*It is safe:-

► It has a host of safety alarms.
► It features an integrated apnea sensor*
► The apnea alarm can set for any duration from 5 seconds to 25 seconds.

*It is universal :-

► All these are standard features of the nCPAP 300.
► Universal Circuit interface
► Light weight patient interface to eliminate nasal septum damage.
► Servo humidifier
► Various size of bonnets and prongs for optional fitting


*Bubble CPAP:-

► Single use patient circuit-3 Qty
► Bubble nasal prongs S.M.L (each 1 Qty)
► Bubble jar-3 Qty

*Flow driven CPAP:-

► Single use patient circuit- 3 Quty
► Flow nasal prong micro.small. medical (each 1 Qty)
► Bonnet S.M.L (each 1 Qty)
► Single use flow generatior-3 Qty.


► Single use patient circuit – 3 Quty
► High flow nasal cannula – 1 Qty
► Size:- Premature. neonate and infant



► Air and oxygen hoses
► 4 pole
► Power card
► Trolley with castors


► Servo humidifier – 3Qty (or) re-usable chamber – 1 Qty
► Air compressor
► Re-usable flow generator
► Re-usable patient circuit


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