CUR2108 Brilliance Pro Phototherapy

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Smart Tilt Technology
LED Lifetime 100,000 hours
LED Intensity (±25%) 40uW/cm2/nm
Hight & Low Settings
Peak Wavelength of light 451nm
Tilting Head 0-90
Adjustable Height
Therapy Timer
Backlit LCD
Observation Light (available)
No maintenance cooling (no Fan)
Integrated Light Meter (Optional)
CE Mark CE0123
Product Launch Jan-15

*World-class treatment:-

  • Emission spectrum 445-470nm (FWHM)
  • Uniform intensity >40uW/cm2/nm
  • Effective treatment area 50cm × 25cm

*Integrated Design:-Brilliance is design for use. Brilliance caebe integrated with other critical medical equipment such as infant warmers. incubator. and nealy anyvarient of bassinet.

*Smart Tilt technology:-

  • Patent-pending technology to ensures that light intensity form blue LEDs is consistent across the treatment footprint at any angle of head-tilt.
  • Smart Tilt ensure that Brilliance pro work effectively at any position and in cooperation with other paces of neonatal of intensive care unit (NICU) equipment.

*Energy efficient:-Brilliance consumers less than half the power of CFLs

*Minimal Maintenances:-Brilliance LEDs last 60× longer than compact fluorescent lamps(CFL) commonly used in phototherapy devices. With Brilliance, hospitals can save over $240 USED per year on costly bulb replacements .Also, Brilliant uses a medical-grade power supply and can withstand a wide range of power fluctuation without changes in device performance.

**Comparative Irradiance Footprint:-

*Irradiance mapes for LED-Based phototherapy device, Brilliances and a lending US-based competitory. The American Academy of pediatrics (AAP) recommends an irradiance of 30uW/cm2/nm over maximum possible body surface area for effective phototherapy.

*Physical / Electrical:-

  • Overall Dimensions Height × Width × Depth: 123cm × 69cm × 64cm
  • Light Unit Dimensions Length × Width × Depth : 55cm × 30cm × 5cm
  • Total Unit Mass 12 Kg
  • Footprint of stand Length × Width × Depth : 69cm × 64cm × 10cm
  • Height of base < 10cm
  • Costors 3 Lockable
  • Height adjustment range 118cm-165cm (distance between bottom surface and ground)
  • Recommended treatment distance 45cm
  • Electrical Supply

• Voltage
• Frequency” “(Medical grade)
• 100 – 240 VAC
• 50/60Hz”

  • Max power consumption 42W


  • Illumination source Blue LEDs + White observation lights
  • Peak spectral irradiance >40uW/cm2/nm at recommended treatment distance measured with Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer
  • Peak wavelength 451 nm
  • Emission spectrum 445-470nm (bounds of FWHM range)
  • Effective surface area 50cm × 25cm(at recommended treatment distance)
  • Irradiance ratio >0.4 (minimum/ maximum irradiance)
  • Time totalizer Machine run time totalizer
  • LCD Backlit


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