CUR2107 White cane

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**Smart Cane has changed lives:-

  • It feels grate to be move around alone. I no more need to hold anyone’s hand for my mobility. I can just be myself. Family and friends now have the confidence in me that I can travel independently without getting hurt or injured”.
  • Indirani Sankari from Mumbai, India.
  • The device is really helping my son in becoming more mobile. He is able to move independently now.
  • A mother of boy from jamaica, Caribbean.
  • Wish to procure/ donate a smart Cane device or become a community Painter?

*Smart Cane team will make procurement and training simple by directing you to the closest partner organization. Door delivery along with remote training over phone or internet is also available. • SmartCane device is an electronic travel aid for persons with visual impairment. It fits on the top flood of a standard white cane and per-warns about the presence of obstacles from knee to head height, which cannot be detected with a normal white cane.

  • It uses ultrasonic sensors through distinct vibratory patterns. This enable a persons to negotiate the obstacles from a safe distance without actually touching or bumping into it and thus preventing unwanted contact. Injuring result from collisions with over-hanging and protruding obstacles such as tree branches, signboards, window mounted air conditioners and coolers ,open glass door windows and glass door can be easily avoided.
  • Smart cane device is easy to learn and use. With basic training and orientation, any person with visual impairment who is a regular user of a white cane can effective use it for safer independent mobility with dignity.
  • Safe-learning resources in multiple regional as well as international languages are available for free download from and also accompany the device. Braille manual is also available on request. face to face training is also providing by saksham and more than 50 partner organizations across the country as well as in many other countries.


► Detecting and avoiding collisions with low-hanging free branches, advertisement. boads, parked vehicles, street animals, open glass windows etc.

► Finding path through corridors, half open gates etc.
► Detecting fast approaching objects like a reversing vehicles
► Avoid making unwanted personal contact
► Maintaining safe distance from those walking ahead
► Following a queue during security checks or purchasing tickets at airport, metro and railway stations


1 Two modes of detection range with intuitive vibratory patterns to obstacle distance information
2. Adjustable sensor mechanism Protects user of different heights.
3. Ergonomic griot No need to change gripping style
4. Easy attachment and detachment from compatible white cane.
5. Inbuilt rechargeable battery with 10 hour back up.
6. Affordable.


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