CUR2104 Infant Warmer

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** Embrace Nest is an easy-to-use, Portable infant warmer that does not require continuous Power and is used as supplement

  • Transport
  • Maternity Ward

**Components Features:-


  • Maintains temperature of -37°C for at least 4 hours
  • duration of at least 4 hours at ambient temperature greater than 25°C 380 mm × 220 mm* 1.3kg

*BABYWEAR:- Reusable and easy to sanitize using disinfectants or soap wash 520 mm × 250 mm* 0.3kg


  • Precision heating mechanism prevents overheating of WarmPak
  • 440mm × 290mm × 70mm *2.5kg *230 V, 50Hz

**Embrace Nest Unique Benefits:-

  • Special Phase Change Material in Warm Pak maintains a temperature of -37°C for at least 4 Hours
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Only 15 Watts of power consumption in ready mode
  • Easy to sanitize and reuse



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