CUR2022 Electrolyte Analyzers

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**PSR Complete Range of Instrument:-

  • Autoran/Samra(200 TEST / HOUR) (100 TEST/HOUR) Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
  • Fano Cham Semi Auto Bio Chemistry Analyzer
  • Pried test Touch Plus Biochemistry Analyzers
  • Ease-Clot Coagulation Analyzer
  • READWELL TOUCH Elisa Plate Reader
  • WASHWELL PLATE Elisa Plate Washer
  • LISA SHAKE Elisa Shaker
  • PSR HEMAT – 3 Hematology Analyzer TM
  • PSR HEMAT – 4 Hematology Analyzer TM
  • ST 200 Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Optical Coagulation Analyzer (OCG-102) For Professional Point of care
  • FOUR CLOT Coagulation Analyzer
  • ST200 CC Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Fine care Plus Fluorescence Immunoassay Rapid Quantitative Test

*URIN TEST SYSTEM (With mobile phone reader):-

  • 5 Parameter testing strip for UTI 5P- Measure Glucose, Protein, Ketone, Blood, and Leukocytes
  • 2 Parameter Testing Strip for Ketogenic Diet with Bonus pH Testing 2P-Measure Protein and Glucose in Urine
  • 10 Parameter testing strip for UTI 10 P – Measure Glucose, Protein, Ketone, Blood, Leukocytes, Nitrites, pH, SG, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin


  • Compact, Economical and Easy to use
  • Excellent Precision and reliability
  • Long life, high Performance, maintenance-free electrodes
  • Automatic sampling, probe wiping and calibration
  • Intelligent reagent pack with electronic chip
  • Optional battery use
  • Extremely low cost per test


  • Principle : Direct measurement with Lon selective Electrode(ISE)
  • Sample: Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, CSF and Diluted Urine.
  • Sample: Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, CSF and Diluted Urine For dilute(1.6) Uren 500 micro liter
  • Data Storage:- 125100 Patients result
  • Out Put : 128×64 Graphics Display with Y/N Numeric Keypad, 24 column thermal Printer, USB Port.
  • Ambient conditions : temperature: 10 C-35 C,<58% non-condensing humidity,
  • Input voltage : 100/115-VAC, 50-60 Hz or 220-VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.75 amp.
  • Size and weight: 15 W×12″ Hz7.0″D, 10Kg.
  • Battery : Optional for 10hrs use.


  • Maintenance-free Electrode Design permit fast, Installation and Operation
  • Automated Sampler with self-wiping probe for convenience and safety.
  • Easy to use, Flexible Menu Driven Software.



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