CUR2021 Plate Analyzer

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**Read well TOUCH :-Read well TOUCH is an Automatic ELISA plate analyzer with user friendly and sophisticated on board software. It is a stand alone system for all routine immunoassays, Biochemicals, hormones and drug levels. Its versatile and extensive software supports most of the calculations required for interpretation of results. It is economical, reliable and high precision machine.


  • Robust system with built-in stabilizer
  • Built in Shaker with variable speed & duration
  • Results printing in matrix mode format
  • Option to run multiple blank in Cut Off mode
  • Biochromatic Readings
  • Ability to read from any strip in a single plate
  • Extensive Curve Plotting
  • Unique circuitry for long life of lamp
  • Facility to enter clinic name

**PSR Complete Range of Instrument:-Aurora / Samra (200 TEST / HOUR) (100 TEST / HOUR) Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Fine Cham :-Semi Auto Bio Chemistry Analyzer
  • Pretest Touch Plus :-Biochemistry Analyzers
  • Ease-Clot :- Shaker Coagulation Analyzer
  • READWELL TOUCH:- Elisa Plate Reader
  • WASHWELL PLATE :-Elisa Plate Washer
  • LISA SHAKE :-Elisa Shaker
  • PSR HEMAT – 3:- Hematology Analyzer
  • PSR HEMAT – 4 :-Hematology Analyzer
  • ST 200 :-Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Optical Coagulation Analyzer (OCG-102):- For Professional Point of care
  • FOUR CLOT :-Coagulation Analyzer
  • ST200 CC Blood Gas :-Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Fine care Plus :-Fluorescence Immunoassay Rapid Quantitative Test

*5 Parameter testing strip for UTI 5P- Measure Glucose, Protein, Ketone, Blood, and Leukocytes

*2 Parameter Testing Strip for Ketogenic Diet with Bonus pH Testing 2P-Measure Protein and Glucose in Urine

*10 Parameter testing strip for UTI 10 P – Measure Glucose, Protein, Ketone, Blood, Leukocytes, Nitrites, pH, SG, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin”



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