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**Arti’s one Designed around you:-

  • Imagine a system that leaves the beaten track. Marking a new approach to interventional image because its different in many ways.
  • Arti’s one delivers proven state-to-the-art technology- like the MEGALIX cat plus X-ray tube featuring the siemens-unique flat emitter.
  • it also offers next-generation tools for uncompromised image, such as CLEAR stent live to verify stent positioning in real time.
  • Intelligent operation is enhanced by new, display-driven user interface, enabling intuitive interaction with the system. So you can keep your attention where you need it.
  • And because Arti’s one is quickly installed and understood, it will have a positive impact on your organizations. Now you can broaden your procedure mix and hit the sweet spot of your business.

**A new approach to interventional imaging:-

*Uncompromised Image:- State-of-the-art technology

  • Next-generation imaging tools
  • Embrace the 3rd dimension.
  • Unparalleled coverage.”

*Positive Impact:- Small footprint, large returns

  • Easy to understand, easy to deploy
  • one for all your every ay challenges

*Intuitive Interaction:- Always knows where to go

  • Intelligent controls keep your attention focused
  • Large and crisp images with configurable layouts

**Uncompromised Imaging:-

*Uncompromised Imaging:-From unique flat emitter technology to real-time stent enhancement, Artist one offers proven technology along with next-generation imaging tools. From X-ray generation to image processing, Artist one features an image quality comparable to the successful and well established Siemens Artist zee angiography system line. The CARE+CLEAR package comes standard, ensuring the perfect balance of optimal image quality at the lowest reasonable dose.”

**Great contrast resolution:-

*Great contrast resolution:- MEGALIX Cat Plus angiography X-ray tube with flat emitter technology.

  • With more than 5,000 installations worldwide, the MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube is already used by many satisfied customers. As the first angiography tube in the world, it introduced the unique flat emitter technology that allows a tube current of 250 mA during fluorosis- copy while keeping the voltage low.
  • This ensures great contrast resolution even in steep angulations required during cardiac procedures.
  • To reach these steep angulations, which is important during cardiac procedures, Artist one comes with a redesigned coni- calls-shaped collimator. Naturally, the collimator features Straight View to always see upright images of objects that are not aligned with the table and independent of the C-arm position.”

**Comfortable coverage:-

*Comfortable coverage:- as30 flat detector for a broad range of examinations -Artist one comes with the new as30 mid-sized format flat detector, based on amorphous silicon. Its active detector matrix of 29 cm x 26 cm allows enough h coverage for peripheral examinations while not limiting C-arm angulations during cardiac procedures. The detector resolution of 1560 x 1420 pixels enables native 1.5 K imaging and display for depiction of finest vessel or stent structures.”

**CARE + CLEAR:-Optimal image quality at the lowest reasonable dose Image quality is key to successful procedures. On the other hand, there is increasing awareness and demand for dose reductions to protect both, patients and staff.

  • These two areas seem to be conflicting. With CARE+CLEAR however, Artist one like any other Siemens angiography system, features a comprehensive port- folio of image quality improvement and dose-saving tools. For optimal image quality at the lowest reasonable dose.
  • CARE+CLEAR supports you in making confident decisions in diagnosis and treatment and increases the safety of both your patients and staff. A Siemens exclusive: CARE+CLEAR is standard with every Artist angiography system and unmatched since 1994.”

  *CARE:-Siemens has always been a pioneer in reducing radiation dose for patients and staff. The philosophy behind our Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) is simple: They are designed to help you deliver better care at the lowest reasonable dose.

*CLEAR:-Whether your patients are tall or short, heavy or light-weight — you want to have optimal image quality. Our CLEAR image processing automatically enhances image quality and thus helps increase certainty during interventions

**ALL Standard projections in one sweep:-Dual-axis rotational angiography with Heart Sweep

  • Imagine being done with a diagnostic coronary examination after only 5 seconds and using a single contrast injection only. In one run, Heart Sweep covers all standard coronary diagnostic projections, allowing you to quickly assess the coronary vessels afterwards. After identification of a coronary lesion, the Heart Sweep scene can be stopped at the ideal view and using the Automap feature, the C-arm can automatically be moved into the corresponding projection.
  • Heart sweep acquire all cardiac diagnostic standard projections in a single movement
  • Heart sweep image of the left coronary artery showing significant stenosis in the LAD

**Clear stent imaging:-Static stent enhancement with  CLEAR stent allows to precisely assess the fit of an implanted stent and to document it. It can also be used to get an overview of previously implanted stents, e.g. in case of fracture or in-stent restenosis.

  • Depending on the presence of contrast agent, you can get a high-quality enhanced image of the stent or a CLEAR stent Dynamic view alternating between stent and contrast-filled vessel. CLEAR stent uses dedicated acquisitions or previously acquired scenes. The results are saved in DICOM format for review using any DICOM viewer, e.g. on the physician‘s office PC for use during patient conversations.
  • Real-time stent enhancement with CLEAR stent Live With CLEAR stent Live, stent enhance- mint takes place in real-time, eliminating cardiac motion in the image during an ongoing acquisition. This allows you to verify the stent position relative to cardiac anatomy or to stents deployed previously. The CLEAR stent Live enhanced images are displayed side by side with the acquisition, and the operator can still move the device facilitating bifunctional stentings or long lesion treatments.
  • Besides providing you with more positioning accuracy, CLEAR stent Live can help speed up procedures and lower the amount of contrast agent needed. There is no additional workstation needed for CLEAR stent Live and the results are saved according to the DICOM standard for external review.

**3D Imaging: overview in there dimensions:-Embrace the third dimension

  • Artist one features two different five- second protocols for acquisition of high- contrast 3D images. The dose-saving protocol acquires 133 images suitable for larger vessel structures. The second was optimized for quality and acquires 248 images and can bring advantages for imaging of finer vessels.
  • Artist one is also capable of opening and displaying 3D images from other modalities, e.g. singe® Dyna CT, multi- slice Computed Tomography or MRI.
  • An automated LA segmentation allows one-click segmentation of the left atrium for EP procedures and, together with the integrated interface, automated transfer to a 3D mapping system*.”

** Ceiling-like movement, Floor-mounted:-

* Ceiling-like movement, Floor-mounted:-Unparalleled patient coverage Artist one can cover 2.10 m (6 ft. 10 in) along and 1.90 m (6 ft. 3 in) across the table patient coverage rivaling that of a ceiling-mounted system. With motor- sized stand movements, this allows peripheral run-offs without the need of moving the patient. The unparalleled patient coverage also allows acquiring images of objects next to the table, e.g. an outstretched arm during a dialysis shunt revision often increasing patient comfort.”

**Intuitive Interaction:-Artist one was designed to be operated intuitively so the user’s attention is left undistracted. Artist one smoothly adapts to procedure-specific needs and provides optimal patient access during all procedures – at the press of a button or automatically. It keeps the patient’s head free for anesthesia as well as for transesophageal echocardiography and leaves room to move during an emergency.”

**Optimal patient access:-Motorized system positioning for optimal patient access

  • Intuitive interaction also means you interact with the system only when you want to, not because you have to. Artist one positioning around the patient is fully motorized and requires only a button press. This ensures optimal patient access during all procedures.
  • For cardiac positions, the system can be positioned at the head —as most frequently used — or on the left side if access to the patient’s head is needed, e.g. for anesthesia or intubation.
  • For vascular procedures of the lower extremities, a left-side system position with a rotated table allows maximum patient coverage without table move- mint. And for pacemaker implantations, the system can simply be moved to the patient‘s right side to allow access from the left.

**Large and crisp image:-30” display with selectable layouts.

  • Artist one features a 30″” display with user-selectable layouts displaying up to three internal (Live, Reference, 3D) and four external image sources. Compared to a 19”/4:3 screen, ima gets are shown up to 900/0larger, which would correspond to a 26”/4:3 scree n. This level of magnification allows to see also fine details.
  • The display is also home to the heads- up display, allowing you to keep constant track of the most important system parameters, like C arm position or image settings. And the revolutionary on-screen menu in combination with the re-designed tableside control allows intuitive interaction with the system without the need to look down. This way, the user‘s attention stays where it‘s needed.
  • The single 30” display configuration is recommended for systems used mainly for vascular applications. The dual-display configuration is recommended for cardiac applications and features an optional second screen (standard 21”) that is able to connect, for example, to the hemodynamic monitoring system. “

**Positive Impact “*Positive Impact:-Artist one was designed for positive impact, saving time, space, energy, and resources. Artist one has a small footprint but offers large returns. Its floor stand fits into rooms as small as 25 square meters which is not necessarily larger than a patient room. Still it can do ceiling-like system movements – without requiring the usual 45 ceiling-like square meters. Thanks to dedicated tools in 2D and 3D and easy-to-understand system controls, rotating teams can handle the system quickly and the room can be used to cover a broad procedural range – the smartest way to hit the sweet spot of your business.”

* One for all everyday challenges:- Dedicated tools for a broad range of examinations

  • Artist one was designed to broaden the procedure mix of the angiography suite. It features state-of-the-art technology for brilliant images at low dose and offers dedicated tools in 2D and 3D to facilitate cardiac and vascular procedures alike. Flexible system positioning allows ceiling-like movements on a floor-mounted system and ensures optimal patient access during all procedures.
  • The revolutionary display-d riven user interface allows a new and intuitive way of interaction and is easy to understand. And because Artist one is easy to operate, even rotating teams can get up to speed quickly.

*Small footprint, large returns:- Only 25 square meters required

  • Artist one enables ceiling-like flexibility on a floor-mounted system. This means there is no need for a reinforced ceiling, and the unit can fit into rooms of only 25 m’ instead of the 45 m° commonly required for a ceiling stand..
  • Siemens-built industry-proven components are expected to have lower failure rates resulting in significant servicing advantages. Besides, during routine examinations Artist one uses over 20 percent less energy than Artist zee floor
  • And because hardware options that drive complexity have been reduce the system can be installed more quickly than the Artist zee floor. During system replacements, this means the room can be used to generate revenue faster than before.”

* Cover a broader procedure mix:- From cardiac to general vascular to peripheral procedures

  • Artist one offers dedicated tools in 2D and 3D to support cardiac, general vascular and peripheral procedures. For example it covers the whole coronary workflow, from diagnosis and real- time image guidance to assessment of procedural outcome using CLEAR stent, CLEAR stent Live, and Heart Sweep. This facilitates procedures and can lead to time and contrast savings.
  • 3D imaging and visualization help during cardiac and vascular procedures.1.5 K imaging and ceiling-like patient coverage are great features for general vascular and peripheral procedures. And optimal system positions enable optimal patient access and even leave enough space for larger, multi-disciplinary teams

**Artist one at a glance

* Uncompromised Imaging:-MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube with flat emitter technology and new as30 flat detector

  • Unparalleled 2.1 0 m longitudinal coverage, J .90 m lateral
  • Static and real-time stent enhancement with CLEAR stent and CLEAR stent Live
  • CARE+CLEAR included
  • Optional 3D imaging”

*Intuitive Interaction:-Ideal system positions enabling optimal patient access for every procedure

  • Display-driven user interface through on-screen menu and heads-up display for intuitive system operation and undistracted operator attention.
  • Large, crisp images with configurable layouts in a single- or dual-display configuration”

*Positive Impact:-One system for all everyday challenges thanks to dedicated 2D and 3D tools

  • Small footprint of 25 sqm, large returns thanks to energy savings
  • Cover a broader procedure mix from cardiac through general vascular to peripheral procedures




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