CUR2018 1.5T MRI Scanner

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**MAGNETOM Sempra:-

*The DNA of Siemens MRI addresses the challenges of a fundamentally changing environment

*Tim Technology:-Deliver exceptional image quality and speed in MRI

*Dot GO Workflow:-Go for consistent results, efficiently”

**Trendsetting Applications:-

*Trendsetting Applications:-Expand your MRI services

*Life Design:-Maximize patient friendliness and investment protection”

**fundamentally changing environment:-

*A fundamentally changing environment:- A growing need for improved access to quality medical care is
driving fundamental change in global healthcare. Healthcare providers have to ensure better outcomes for more patients at lower cost, despite shortages of skilled personnel. Keeping pace with the latest technological developments is crucial to daily success. There is a real need for cutting-edge solutions that enable lower total cost of ownership, and that meet both referrer and patient requirements. Siemens Healthiness understands this pressure. We keep our finger on the pulse of healthcare, and draw on our unique expertise to develop corresponding solutions to help you achieve daily success.”

*Changes in demographics and the healthcare market create a challenging situation for healthcare providers. While facing reimbursement cuts, care needs to be provided to a growing and aging population. The market, however, also offers opportunities: Increasing expenditure on healthcare and the continued role of MRI as a dominant diagnostic tool make such equipment an investment in the future.”

*Demographic change:-Global life expectancy is increasing. It has been doing so by an average of over three years per decade since1950. And this rate is growing. The world’s population, of course, is also increasing –and is expected to reach nine billion by 2040.

*Economic pressure:-The growing population puts enormous pressure on healthcare systems around the globe. As are salt, many have responded with significant cuts in reimbursement”

*Better informed patients:-In addition, out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare is increasing .Consequently, patients are more informed and more selective. Healthcare providers that positively set them selves apart stand a much better chance of attracting such patients.”

**Growing expenditure:-

*Growing expenditure:-Public per capita expenditure on healthcare has been growing globally since the early 2000s.Between 2004 and 2014, there was a rise of about 40%. Money is being spent – and the amount is increasing.”

**MAGNETOM Sempra Daily success with 1.5T :-Achieving success every day is the result of many small
things going well and accumulating to generate the results you need. The new MAGNETOM Sempra system is designed to do just that: deliver consistent high quality, expand your clinical capabilities, and provide financial certainty. Brain, spine, and MSK exams make up an average of 75percent of routine daily cases. MAGNETOM Sempra is perfectly equipped to deliver reliable consistency especially for these, including hard-to-image patient groups. Faster exams, reduced operating costs, and an innovative service concept ensure a reduced TCO – and daily success – day in and day out.”

*10-mins exams with optimized protocols:-

  • Higher throughput
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Increased productivity”

*Additional 30%6 energy savings with Eco-Power:-

  • Energy savings in standby mode
  • Automatic cold head switch off
  • More energy-saving features

*Up to 97% reduction in sound pressure with Quiet Suite:-

  • Completely quiet neuro and MSK exams
  • Improved patient experience
  • Without compromise in image quality”

*Save up to 30% in year 2 and 3 in service with Siemens Healthiness Connect Plans:-

  • Siemens quality service for second and third year included
  • Remote services for increased uptime
  • Tailored to customer requirements”

*Up to 75%7 of standard exams covered by the Dot engines:-

  • Flexible strategies for quick protocol adaptation
  • Consistency with Auto Align slice positioning
  • Efficiency through automatic labeling with one single click

**Consistent quality every day:-

*Consistent quality every day:-Each patient is unique. Staff can fluctuate. Flexible strategies
and efficient workflows help you avoid exam inconsistencies that can jeopardize productivity. MAGNETOM Sempra simplifies processes and gives healthcare professionals total control and flexibility with Dot GO automated workflows.”

**Consistent quality every day with Dot Go automated workflow:-

*Dot engines deliver consistent image quality:- 75% of all exams are brain, spine and MSK. MAGNETOM Sempra in its standard configuration comes with Brain Dot Engine, Large Joint Dot Engine and Spine Dot Engine to automate and standardize your exams for highest consistency across a broad variety of patients and indications.”

*Dot GO workflows simplify protocol management:-Consistent quality is achieved by
eliminating variables that arise from varying acquisition techniques and/or non-optimized parameters.
Via a central user interface, users can manage all Dot engines within the Dot Cockpit, simplifying protocol optimization, customization, and organization

**Common user interface:-Common user interface:-The singe MR E11 software architecture runs on all current Siemens Healthiness MRI scanners. The familiar interface in this powerful software platform helps shorten learning curves, making cross scanner training easier. It also features faster loading speed and shorter reconstruction times.

**Address the core of your business with MAGNETOM Sempra, and the three Dot engines that come as standard:-

*The following Dot engines are also available:-

  • Anglo Dot Engine
  • Abdomen Dot Engine
  • Cardiac Dot Engine
  • Breast Dot Engine

*Brain Dot Engine:-Auto Align ensures consistency according to anatomy of interest regardless of operator or patient’s clinical condition.

*Spine Dot Engine:-Inline workflows enable users to focus on the patient and remain in full control.
Auto Align ensures correct positioning, and automatic spine labeling makes planning faster.

*Large Joint Engine:-Auto Positioning, Auto Align, Auto Coverage, and Auto Fob provide consistent imaging quality. Intelligent inline features like MPR assignments help speed up workflows and add efficiency.

**New clinical opportunities every day:-

*New clinical opportunities every day:- Increasing local competition, well-informed patients, and the constant need to attract referrers make it more important than ever to differentiate your services with Trendsetting Applications. Advanced WARP, CAIPIRINHA, and Quiet Suite are just some of these applications available on MAGNETOM Sempra. These make it possible to examine patients who are more challenging to
scan, while providing a positive patient experience, and acquiring images with higher diagnostic quality.

**New clinical opportunities every day with Trendsetting Applications:-

*Expand your MRI services:-Address previously excluded patient groups with MAGNETOM Sempra.
For example, Advanced WARP sequences use SEMAC techniques and View Angle Tilting for scanning patients with MR conditional implants, including the visualization of anatomical structures adjacent to the implant.

*Quiet Suite and 10-min exams increase patient comfort:-Quiet Suite reduces acoustic noise resulting from sharp gradient switches. Quiet X and PETRA sequences are available in T1, T2, proton density, diffusion, and susceptibility weighted contrast exams. 10-min exam protocols help provide a more positive patient experience during MRI exams.

*Tim 4G coils for higher SNR and exceptional image quality:-Ultra-lightweight, high-density Tim 4G coils and a high signal-to noise ratio deliver exceptional image quality, and shorten scan times. Most coils are self-supported so that the patient does not feel the weight of the coil. This accommodates a wider range of patients and they can better accommodate patients in pain, for example.

*CAIPIRINHA for higher resolution and faster scans in 3D exams:-CAIPIRINHA reduces breath-hold times for 3D VIBE FS and 3D DIXON, crucial especially in abdominal imaging. It also allows state-of the-art breast imaging with further improvement of the temporal resolution in dynamic scans while maintaining spatial resolution.


  • Expand services to patients with MR conditional implants
  • High patient comfort with up to 97% reduction in sound pressure
  • More comfortable exams with ultra-lightweight Tim 4G coils
  • Shorten breath-hold times

**Financial certainty every day:-

*Financial certainty every day.:-Reimbursement cuts and rising operating costs around the world have put healthcare providers under financial pressure. Cost-cutting technologies like 10-min exam protocols can increase throughput. The Siemens Healthiness Connect Plan as well as lower resource consumption can further reduce operating costs and enhance your operational performance.”

**Financial certainty every day with cost-cutting technologies and services:-

*Power-saving technologies reduce operating costs:- Built-in power-saving technologies help reduce the cost of every scan, every day. Self-adapting components automatically switch off when not in use, slashing energy consumption. True zero helium boil-off technology means no helium refills for up to ten years under normal operating conditions.

*Flexible service offerings can be customized:- Customized service plans are designed to fit specific uptime needs. The Siemens Healthiness Connect Plan which comes standard with MAGNETOM Sempra, covers the second and third year, and provides Siemens service quality from day one.
Thanks to remote corrective and preventive maintenance, operators can expect less downtime overall.

*High patient throughput improves productivity:- 10-min exams for core body regions, routine protocols, and careful planning make it possible to scan up to six patients per hour with high diagnostic quality. Based on best practice protocols, image quality is optimized to meet high throughput requirements.

**Warranty contract:-

  • Reliable service quality from day one
  • Access to Life Net, Education Platform, and PEP connect
  • Transparent service pricing through the entire product life cycle.

**Siemens Healthiness Connect Plan:-

*Siemens Healthiness Connect Plan:- The all-new service model is an entirely new
approach to improving scanner uptime, bringing you financial certainty from day one. With many aspects of service – including spare parts11 – covered already in the scanner investment. You can look forward to higher uptime, improved workflows, and efficient support.

*Siemens Healthiness Connect Plan:-

  • Spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote corrective maintenance
  • Remote updates
  • Safety inspections and quality assurance
  • Life Net – a web-based portal that lets you manage the performance and maintenance of all your Siemens Healthcare systems 24/7
  • Access to Education Platform
  • Personalized Education Plan (PEP) for healthcare professional, designed to increase staff competency, efficiency, and productivity
  • Possibility to upgrade to Performance TOP contract 15 for uptime guarantee.

*Performance TOP contract:-

  • Uptime guarantee
  • On-site corrective maintenance
  • Preferred reaction times

**Clinical highlights:-

*Clinical highlights:- MAGNETOM Sempra offers outstanding quality with exceptional value – every day. This extends beyond routine imaging to specialized exams such as advanced neuro, oncology or cardiac exams. The True Form magnet design enables effective fat suppression in those body regions where they are needed most including the joints, abdomen, and head/neck region.

**Service and Exchange Pert-to-peer information:-

*MAGNETOM World:- The global MRI community offered by Siemens Healthiness offers peer-to-peer support and information. Radiologists, cardiologists, technologists, and physicists have all contributed with publications, presentations, training documents, case studies, and more – all freely available to you via this unique network.(

*MAGNETOM Flash:- MAGNETOM Flash is the MR magazine. Published quarterly, it features up-to-date clinical case studies, application tips, as well as technical and product information relevant to you.
All content is carefully compiled by experts to meet the needs of today’s MRI users in both clinical and research scenarios. In fact, 98.5% of readers report that MAGNETOM Flash is clinically relevant (

*Siemens Healthiness User Forum:- The online space for peer-to-peer clinical knowledge exchange. Listen and engage in different topics that are relevant to your particular field of medicine or research. Easily and directly connect with clinical experts who are sharing their insights and the results of their work with any interested parties and finally keep up to date with exclusive Siemens Healthiness information.
Join and benefit from the exclusive healthcare professionals network.( forum)

**Technical specifications:-

  • Field strength = 1.5 Tesla
  • Bore size = 60 cm / 1.97 ft
  • Helium consumption = Zero helium boil-off technology
  • Shimming = Passive and active
  • Maximum number of channels = 9
  • Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simul timeously in one single scan and
    in one single FOV
  • each generating an independent partial image =8, 16
  • Power consumption = Eco-Power technology
  • Magnet length = 155 cm
  • System length = 171 cm / 5.61 ft.
  • System weight (in operation) = 4.55 tons / 10,035.44 lbs.
  • Minimum room size = 28 m2/302 sq. ft.
  • Gradient strength = XF Gradients (30 MT/m @ 100 T/m/s)”

**Why Siemens Healthiness:-At Siemens Healthiness, our focus is to help healthcare providers succeed in today’s dynamic environment. Healthcare providers around the world have long relied upon our engineering excellence – leading-edge, high-quality medical technologies across a broad portfolio. Our technologies touch an estimated five million patients globally every day. At the same time, they help hospital departments to continuously improve their clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. We now consolidate this unprecedented volume of data and insights and turn them into pioneering enterprise and digital health services. With those, we maximize opportunities and share risk for the success of your entire health system.
Partnerships are built on people.


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