CUR2013 SKANRE Critical Care

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**Feature-Packed Ventilator for Maximum Performance:-

  • Quick Settings
  • In-built Calibration
  • 9 inch display screen with intuitive interface
  • Battery status Indicator
  • Humidifier Bracket
  • User friendly breathing circuit holder
  • Panel Lock
  • 16 Vital parameter monitoring
  • In-built Nebulizer
  • Leak Compensation


  • Pressure -Time
  • Flow-Time
  • Volume-time


  • Pressure-Volume
  • Flow-Volume

*Quick Ventilator Settings :-This option lets the clinician ventilate a patient in a matter of few seconds

* Modes:-

  • A/CMV-PC
  • A/CMV-VC
  • NOV-PC
  • APRV

     * Available only in ScanRespiro plus

* Barotrauma Protection:- Barotrauma protection is via both electronic and software cut off. A mechanical cut off is also provided as the third level safety.

* Alarms:-Clear audio-visual alarms for various critical parameters with user selectable alarm limits. Low, medium and high priority alarms are clearly distinguished by the various colors and sounds.

* 3 hours battery back up:- ScanRespiro ventilators have built-in battery that provides best-in-class 3 hours battery backup.

**PRANAA(Medical Air Compressor):-

  • Continuous pressure and hours-run display
  • Internal voltage and pump temperature protection
  • Easy attachment with ScanRespiro™ and ScanRespiro Plus
  • ScanRespiro™ and ScanRespiro Plus™ are modern, feature-rich, cost-effective and user-friendly ICU ventilators designed for best clinical outcomes in emergency and critical care settings. Built on a robust architecture, ScanRespiro ventilators ensure that the clinician has enough tools at his disposal to ventilate infant, pediatric and adult patients with ease.


* All-in-one Ventilator :-With Tidal volume starting from as low as 15 ml and extending up to 2000 ml, ScanRespiro is ideal for ventilating any patient weighing more than 3.5 kg

* Cost Effective Ventilation:- ScanRespiro ventilators are designed for minimal and cost-effective maintenance thus ensuring a Low Total Cost of Ownership to the hospital. It has an inbuilt free calibration tool to minimize maintenance cost.

* Ensuring Patient Safety through:-

  • Dedicated safety system for electronic cut-off of pressure
  • Pneumatic blow off or mechanical safety
  • Inbuilt options for pressure limiting
  • All modes with inbuilt multiple alarm system

* Increased efficiency of scarce clinical resources:-

  • Intuitive & simple interface
  • Simple menu design & mapping
  • Quick Settings for easy and fast ventilator setting
  • 16 parameter monitoring
  • Single screen option to view all monitored parameters at the same time 4Circuit Test for understanding circuit resistance and compliance.

* Compliance:-ScanRespiro ventilators comply to IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2, IEC 60601-6, IEC 60601-8, ISO 80601-2-12 CE Certification expected in March 2016

* Additional Features :-

  • Panel lock
  • Inspiration Hold and Expiration Hold
  • Freeze Graph
  • Inbuilt Nebulizer

**Scan ray is an international healthcare technology company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of critical care, radiology, dental and tele-medicine devices and solutions. Scan ray has emerged as the preferred supplier to many large hospitals in the country. Apart from the domestic presence made possible by large and efficient sales and service network, Scan ray products are also exported to over 80 countries across the world.

*Modes of Ventilation:-

  • Volume Control:- A/CMV, SIMV+PS, CPAP+PS
  • Pressure Control :-A/CMV, SIMV+PS, CPAP+PS APRV*, BI-LEVEL
  • Pressure Regulated volume Control:- A/CMV*, SIMV+PS
  • Non invasive Ventilation :-NIV

*Technical features:-

  • Gas supply :-40 – 87 PSI
  • Power supply:- 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature :-10 – 40 C

*Set Parameters:-

  • Tidal volume :-15 – 2000 ml
  • Inspiratory pressure:- 1 – 80 CM H2O
  • Pressure support:- 1 – 80 CMH2O
  • Respiratory rate :-1 -100 bpm
  • Peep:- 0 – 50 CM H2O
  • Flow trigger:- OFF, 0.5 – 15 lpm
  • Pressure trigger OFF:-, 0.5 – 10 CM H2O
  • Peak Flow rate :-180 lpm


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