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**Introducing SonoRadK40 :-SonoRadK40, the innovative portable color ultrasound system brings to you the advanced technology of our original RF ultrasonic metadata platform, a light, intelligent, and powerful tool.
Ultra-Light | Ultra-Thin | Ultra-Precise


*Excellent Image Quality:-SonoRadK40 is powered by Advanced Images and precise measurements in a compact, Ultra-Portable form.

  • The unique RF platform provides advanced Image quality in resolution and contrast.
  • Pure Wave Probe Technology improves the penetration and Color sensitivity.
  • Perfect 3D/4D technology with STIC, M cut and Auto NT, fulfill all obstetric application.
  • HQ 3D image: provides high definition 3D image quality.
  • Smart touch user interface fully utilizes touch panel possibility for easy operation, such as rotation of 3D rendering image and comment.

* Streamlined Workflow:-The ultra-compact system can be carried around with ease, or with a mobile cart which is equipped with multi-probe connection. A wide range of advanced connectivity options, such as PACS, modality worklist (MWL), DICOM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, V Cloud help you streamline your workflow.

*Intuitive Touch panel Operation(Keyboard):-

  • Highly sensitive 8 inch coactive touch panel
  • Intuitive configurable and touch interactive operation interface
  • Ergonomic hard keys for general ultrasound operations
  • 6 TGC slides functionality at any depth
  • Backlight keys

     *Image display screen:-

  • 15.6 inch high resolution IPS,LED technology, pixel resolution
  • Big angel tilting capability

*Trolley:-The trolley is an optional accessory for SonoRadK40. It is simplified design with small footprint and excellent mobility.

*Cart Configuration :-

  • Cart base
  • 6 probe holders
  • 1 pc of B/W graphic printer bracket
  • Up/Down mechanism(manually)

     *Emergency:-The SonoRadK40 is a versatile, ultra-portable imaging system that delivers fast, accurate results at patient’s bedsides, in the ICU, and wherever else your practice calls you

*General Imaging:-

  • General abdominal
  • OB/GYN
  • Small parts
  • Vascular

*Cardiology:-Wide range of Cardiovascular applications for increased diagnostic confidence.

  • Excellent 2D image and Doppler performance
  • Stress Echo
  • Strain imaging
  • Tissue Doppler imaging
  • Pulse Wave Velocity

*Ergonomic Design:-Its ergonomic unique human oriented design for comfort and convince

  • 16-inch high resolution flat panel display
  • Full integrated probe to reduce overall space
  • Integrated touchable alphabetic keyboard
  • Integrated capacities’ touch panel to easy and simplify workflow

*Wide Range of Probes:-

  • G2-5C Curved Array
  • G4-9M Micro Curved Array
  • D4-9E Micro Convex 4D Endocavity Array
  • D3-6C Curved Array Volume Probe
  • U5-15L Linear Array
  • F2-5C Curved Array
  • G4-9E Micro Convex Endocavity Array
  • F4-9E Micro Convex Endocavity Array
  • X6-16L Linear Array
  • X4-12L Linear Array
  • F4-12L Linear Array
  • X10-23L Linear Array
  • I4-11T Linear Array
  • G3-10PX Phased Array (Pediatric Cardiac)
  • X9-22L Linear Array
  • I7-18L Linear Array (Hockey Stick)
  • S1-6P Phased Array
  • G1-4P Phased Array


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