CUR2009 SonoradV9

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**Introducing SonoRadV9 Premium:-

*SonoRadV9 Premium with innovative RF platform and comprehensive Image processing Image set, SonoRadV9 Premium offers superior Image quality in a wide range of clinical applications.

  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Advance Image Technology
  • Versatile Clinical Application
  • Efficient Workflow

**Excellent Image Quality:-

*Excellent Image Quality:-SonoRadV9 Premium is powered by Advanced Imaging Architecture which is backed by Comprehensive Image Processing tools which leads to Superior & Consistent Image quality.

*Innovative RF platform:-With Trinitron’s Innovative RF Platform, SonoRadV9 Premium can acquire 40 times amount of raw signal for back-end process which represents better resolution and powerful post process capability.

  • Recognize the IMT within 0.1mm
  • RF Flow-very sensitive to the blood flow with the velocity within 1cm/s

*Comprehensive Image Processing Tools:-

  • Pulse Inversion Harmonic
  • V Fusion
  • V Speckle

**Streamlined Workflow:- Simple user interface and touch panel operation make you work efficiently everyday

*Quick Preset:-Self-defined Workflow

*Fast Connectivity With:-

  • HDD
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Email
  • USB
  • DICOM3.0

**Intelligent Measurement:-

*Auto IMT:-Automatically measure Intima-Media Thickness in interest area and provides the measurement result in easy, fast and accurate approach

*Auto Trace:-Auto Spectrum envelope trace, whatever live or frozen status and display the measurement items automatically

*Auto Optimization:-One Key Optimization

*Auto OB:-Just one click, the system will calculate GA and EFW automatically.

*Auto Follicle-B mode:-Just one click, the system will calculate the area and circumference automatically.

*4D Imaging:-SonoRadV9 Premium offers high quality 3D/4D images with Must function, with view of fetal structures from different slices can enhance your diagnostic confidence.

**Flexible Display Format:-

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Quad

**Ergonomic Design:-

  • 19 inch high resolution LED display and 180 degree rotational arm ensures you view comfortably
  • 8 inch touch panel release you from repetitive button operation
  • Compact transducer connector for easy access
  • High quality chips supplied from famous company

**Wide Range of Probes:-

  • 2.0 MHz-6.5 MHz Convex F2-5C
  • 6.0 MHz-16 MHz Linear F4-12L
  • 2.0 MHz-5.0 MHz Phased Array G1-4P
  • 3.0 MHz-6.0 MHz Volume Convex D3-6C
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Transvaginal G4-9E
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Transvaginal F4-9E
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Micro Convex G4-9M


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