CUR2007 SonoRadV20

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**Introducing SonoRadV20:-

*Equipped with innovative:- RF Platform, SonoRadV20 delivers superior quality images with excellent clinical value in a wide range of applications.

  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Superior Clinical Value

*Excellent Image Quality:- SonoRadV20 is powered by Advanced Imaging Architecture which is backed by Comprehensive Image Processing tools which leads to Superior & Consistent Image quality.

*Innovative RF Platform:-With Trinitron’s Innovative RF Platform, SonoRadV20 can acquire 40 times of raw signal for back-end process which represents better resolution, powerful post process capability and hence delivers superior image quality.

  • Precise IMT Measurement within 0.1mm
  • Low Velocity Color Flow by RF Platform

*Comprehensive Image Processing Tools:-

  • Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
  • Multiple Compound Imaging
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging

**Streamlined Workflow :-

*Intuitive Touch panel Operation:-

  • Measurement on projected image on touch panel
  • Zoom in/out the projected Image on touch panel
  • Rotate or erase on projected 3D/4D image on touch Panel.
  • User defined gestures using two fingers for more functions

*Easy Patient Data Management:-

  • Easy Data Transfer: 3 USB Ports, DICOM 3.0

*Self-defined Exam Protocol:-

  • Self-defined comment sequence
  • Self-defined Measurement
  • You can import and export the body pattern in JPG or PNG format

    *Auto Optimization:-One key to optimize the gain, PRF, baseline on B, CFM and PW mode

*Ergonomic Design:-Its ergonomic design makes your daily work more comfortable & highly efficient

  • 19 inch LED Monitor with Articulating Arm
  • Intuitive & Height Adjustable Control Panel
  • Store Space
  • Three Probe Ports
  • One Step Caster Lock Mechanism

   *Wide Range of Probes:-

  • 2.0 MHz-6.5 MHz Convex F2-5C
  • 6.0 MHz-16 MHz Linear F4-12L
  • 2.0 MHz-5.0 MHz Phased Array G1-4P
  • 3.0 MHz-6.0 MHz Volume Convex D3-6C
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Transvaginal G4-9E
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Transvaginal F4-9E
  • 5.0 MHz-11 MHz Micro Convex G4-9M

**Superior Clinical Value:-

*Color Flow:-Color Flow is essential for conclusive diagnosis as it provides the path of the blood flow for better visualization of any abnormalities in the particular organ

*Auto IMT:-Automatically traces the intima, and measures the thickness of the intima. This allows you to measure the intima faster with more accuracy .By setting an ROI vessel’s longitudinal image, max and mean IMT can be computed automatically .This is favorable in determining the extent of plaque build-up in walls of arteries

*Triplex Mode:-Duplex & Triplex Modes allows 2 and 3 modes to be active at the same time respectively. Eg:- Doppler in a 2D image or 2D image with color flow and Doppler. Auto trace helps in the automatic measurement once the spectrum is formed in Doppler mode which saves time and provides the accurate values.

*4D:-Lightweight and Compact Volume probe allows for smooth display of Fetal movements. Highly visible volume data can be obtained easily with the probe .Four dimensional imaging can play a role as a prenatal communication tool connecting mother with her fetus.

*Auto OB:-Fully automated measurements of BPD, HC, AC, FL. Efficient, accurate and saves time for the Sonographer.

*Auto Follicle:-Auto follicular Volume Measurement provides quicker analysis of follicular number and size than conventional 2D ultrasound, without any loss in measurement validity .A time saving tool in an extremely tedious procedure of measuring total follicular volume.




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