CUR2006 SonoradV40

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1.Introducing SonoradV40:-

  • With innovative RF Platform and comprehensive Image processing set, SonoRadV40 offers Superior Image quality for precise diagnosis in a wide range of clinical applications.
  • Superb Imaging
  • Delicate Design
  • Expanded Application
  • Agile Workflow
  • SonoRadV40 is powered by Advanced Imaging Architecture which is backed by Comprehensive Image Processing tools which leads to Superior & Consistent Image quality.
  • Innovative RF Platform:- With Kiran’s Innovative RF Platform, SonoRadV40 can acquire 40 times of raw signal for back-end process which represents better resolution,
  • Powerful post process capability and hence delivers superior image quality.

2.Streamlined Workflow (Features):-

       **Intuitive & User Friendly touch panel:-

  • 10 inch LED Touch Panel
  • Image Parameter adjustment
  • Measurement on projected image on touch panel
  • Zoom in/out the projected Image on touch panel
  • Rotate or erase on projected 3D/4D image on touch panel
  • Standard User defined gestures using two fingers for more Productivity

**Ergonomic Design:- 

  • 21″ Monitor
  • Touch panel
  • Integrated black/white thermal video printer slot
  • Integrated DVDRW
  • Intuitive control panel
  • 5 USB ports
  • 4 Probe Ports
  • Castor lock

3.Clinical Value :-

  • Easy Compare:-Provide Compared information of last exam to make confident diagnosis
  • 4D – HQ:- HQ Light rendering generates realistic images of the fetal structure for increased diagnostic confidence.
  • Color Flow:- Color Flow is essential for conclusive diagnosis as it provides the path of the blood flow for better visualization of any abnormalities in the particular organ
  • Auto Follicle:- Just one click, the numbers & sizes of follicles can be calculated automatically
  • High Resolution B-Mode Color :- High Resolution B mode image can be obtained with reduced speckle noise with evenly clear edges by selectively emphasizing boundaries

4.Wide Range of Probes:-

  • 2.0 MHz-6.5 MHz Convex G2-5C
  • 2.0 MHz-6.5 MHz Convex F2-5C
  • 5.0 MHz-11.0 MHz Micro Convex G4-9M
  • 3.0 MHz-11.0 MHz Volume D3-6C
  • 5.0 MHz-11.0 MHz Transvaginal X4-9E
  • 5.0 MHz-11.0 MHz Transvaginal D4-9E
  • 7.3 MHz-18.0 MHz Linear X6-16L
  • 6.0 MHz-14.0 MHz Linear U5-15LE
  • 2.0 MHz-5.0 MHz Phased Array G1-4P
  • 5.0 MHz-11.0 MHz Transvaginal F4-9E
  • 6.0 MHz-16.0 MHz Linear F4-12L
  • 3.0 MHz-10.0 MHz Phased Array G3-10PX
  • 9.0 MHz-22.0 MHz Linear X9-22L
  • 1.2 MHz-5.2 MHz Convex S2-9C
  • 2.0 MHz-5.5 MHz Convex X2-6C
  • 5.0 MHz- 11.0 MHz Transvaginal G4-9E
  • 1.8 MHz-7.2 MHz Volume D3-6CX
  • 1.8 MHz-7.2 MHz Linear I4-11T

5.Extraordinary Clinical Value:-

  • Pregnancy Yolk Sac Formation
  • Fetal Heart
  • Hepatic Vein
  • Blood Flow Around Thyroid Nodule
  • Follicle Of Ovary
  • Fetal Mouth
  • Carotid Plaque
  • Carotid
  • Pericardial Effusion
  • Aortic Regurgitation Flow
  • Adenoma
  • Fetal Face





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