CUR1141 MRI MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular

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**Product Description:-

MAGNETOM Sola Cardiovascular Edition automatically adjusts to patient bio variability to overcome unwarranted variations in cardiac MRI examinations. Connect with new capabilities. Gain speed, reliability and ease of use with Biomatrix Technology. Expand toward precision medicine by improving diagnostic accuracy and facilitating individual treatment strategies.

**Features :

*Full-body MRI scanner with wide, 70 cm patient bore.
*Advanced functionality gives clinicians diagnostic confidence to make definitive diagnoses.
*Easy-to-use, intuitive features are designed for both patients and technologists.
*Field of view measures 50 cm, allowing clinicians to cover more anatomy in fewer scans.
*Optics RF provides signal digitization, increasing signal clarity and maximizing signal intensity for cleaner, clearer images.
*High-fidelity gradients help to facilitate outstanding performance in demanding applications including fMRI, cardiac, diffusion, and FIESTA.
*Strong whole-body gradients deliver 34 mT/m amplitude and 150 T/m/s slew rate on each axis, yielding scans that are fast, accurate, and highly reproducible.
*Acoustic Reduction Technology (ART) reduces acoustic noise for brain, spine, and MSK exams without compromising image quality.
*Magnet measures 145 cm long, is designed to ensure uniform tissue contrast.




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