CUR1051 ICCU Bed Semi Motorized

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**Standard Features:-

  • Backrest and Height adjustment maneuver
  • Knee rest, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions maneuverable by smooth crank
  • Uniformly perforated Mattress area is divided into four sections made up of CRCA sheet.
  • Polymer molded head and foot panels; detachment of panel is hassle-free and quick without any
  • Four sectional polymer molded collapsible safety side rails with angle
  • Corner roller bumpers to absorb impact and reduce damage during
  • Twin wheel diagonal locking castors of 125 mm dia for smooth mobility and firm
  • Heavy duty IV Pole with provision of fixing on all four
  • Urine drainage bag holder on
  • Battery backup
  • All metal components are chemically pretreated and epoxy powder


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