CUR1036 C2 Anesthesia Machine

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The Athena series of Anesthesia Delivery Systems carry a modular design thus ensuring that the user can opt for an upgrade anytime in the future. The full systems can be built over a period of time by starting with the basic trolley and then later opt for various add-ons like internal ventilators. Both breath types – Volume and Pressure Controlled comes as a standard feature in all the models. This significantly expands the scope of various applications on different patients.

The unique Inbuilt Oxygen reservoir ensures that the patient continues to receive Oxygen breaths when changing Oxygen cylinders during the surgery. Similarly, the latest Diaphragm based Anti-Hypoxic device ensures that Nitrous is never administered to the patient in absence of oxygen.


3 gas 5 tube low flow Anesthesia workstation
Dedicated additional N2O cutoff
Independent Auxiliary O2 output
AHD with ratio control
Internal 3 liter O2 reservoir
I:E ratio : 3:1 to 1:8
Paw display
FiO2 monitoring
PIP measurement
6.5” color touch display
Volume & pressure wave forms
Tidal Volume: 20-1600 ml
P-V/F-V loops, PEEP control
Advanced closed loop feedback
Tidal Volume delivery auto correction
Trigger, Apnea time
Monitoring MVi, MVe & RR
RoHS, CE certified


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