CUR 1004 Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor Features:

  2. Easy Operation
  3. Suitable for bedside, ICU, OR.
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Patient Monitor Features:

  1. Standard parameters: ECG, NIBP, RESP, PR, sp02, TEMP
  2. Colorful and Clear 12.1″ screen, Backlight buttons
  3. Multiple display modes optional: Standard interface, Large font, ECG standard full display, OXY, Trend table, BP trend, Viewed
  4. Ambulatory blood pressure technology, anti-movement
  5. Special design against the high-frequency surgical unit, and defibrillation protection
  6. Support Masimo Sp02-authorization partner
  7. 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis
  8. 15 kinds of drug dose calculation
  9. Various language operating systems
  10. Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery 4 hours battery life.
  11. To connect CMS, other bed observation and software updating with wireless and wired mode.


Patient Monitor Technical Specifications:

  1. ECG:
    • Input: 3 / 5 wires ECG cable
    • Lead section: l, Il, Ill, aVR, aVL, aVF, V
    • Gain selection: *1/4, xl/2,*2, x4 and automatic
    • Sweep speed: 6.25. 12.5, 25, 50mm/s
    • Heart rate range: 15—300bpm Calibration: ±lmv
    • Accuracy: ±lbpm or ±1% (select the bigger data)
  2. Sp02:
    • Display type: Waveform, Data Measurement range:
    • Accuracy: ±3% (between 70%-100%)
    • Sp02 resolution: 1%
    • Pulse rate range: 30—250bpm
    • Accuracy: bpm or ±2% (select the bigger data)
    • PR Resolution: lbpm
  3. NIBP:
    • Philosophy: Oscillometric method Measurement type:
    • SBP: (0-40)kPa; (0-300)mmHg;
    • DBP: (1.3-26.7)kPa; (10-200)mmHg;
    • MAP: (2, 7-29.3)kPa; (20-220)mmHg;
    • Resolution: 1 mmHg
    • Accuracy: Static: ±3mmHg
    • Clinical: ±5mmHg standard deviation:
    • 8mmHg
    • Alarm tolerance: ±5%
  4. 2-Temperature(Rectal & Surface):
    Number of channels: 2 channel
    Measurement range: 25d—45d’
    Accuracy: ±O.2d
    Resolution: O.Id
    Display: Tl, T2, T
    Unit: d’/E selection
  5. 2-Respiration (Impedance & Nasal Tube):
    Measurement range: 0—120bpm
    Accuracy: ±lbpm or ±5% (select the bigger data)
    Resolution: lbpm
  6. ETC02- Plug & Play (Opation):
    Measurement type: main/side stream
    Measurement range:
    0-19.7%; 0-150 mmHg; 0-20kPa
    Accuracy: 0-40mmHg: ±2mmHg
  7. 2-1BP / a-IBP (Option):
    Measurement range: -10—300mmHg
    Number Of channel: 2 channel
    Accuracy: ±1mmHg or(select the bigger data)
    Pressure tag: ART, cvp, RVP, LAP, RAP, PAP, ICP, LVP
  8. Cardiac Output (Option):
    Measuring Method: Thermodilution
    Measurer-IMt range: C.O.: 0.1 —20.01-/rnin; TB: 23.0d—43.Od’;
    Accuracy: C.O.: ±O.2Umin; TB: ±0.2d; Tl: ±0.2d
    Resolution: CO: 0.1Umin; TB: o.ld; Tl: O.ld
  9. Anesthesia gas analysis (Option):
    Method: Infrared Absorption
    Gas sorts: C02, N20, Des, ISO, EM, sev, Hal, and optional 02
    Measurement range: C020—10%; N20:
    02:5-100%; Hal: 0-8.5%, Isa: 0-8.5%;
    Ent. 0-1œ/o:Sev: 0-10%: Des:O-200/0
    RR (Respiration rate): 0—100bpm
    Data: input: Fi and Et values Agent mixture detection
    Agent mixture detection.
  10. Configuration:
    Standard configuråtión: ECG, NIBÞ, SpoŽl HR/PR, RESP, TEMP, ST analysis, Arrhythmia analysis, rechargeable battery
    Optional configuration: Built-in thermal printer, Nellcor Sp02, 2-1BP, main-stream/side-stream EtC02, CO, AG, wireless network, wall mount, moving cart.


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