CUR 1002 Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump Features:

  • Removable pump body: Convenient for cleaning.
  • Free flow protection: The built-in flow stop feature helps to reduce the risk of accidental free flow.
  • History Record: Event logs and alarm information can be transferred to a computer for review.
  • Rotatable pole clamp: Fixation on vertical pole horizontal bar.
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Infusion Pump Features:

  • History records
  • Various infusion modes to meet different clinical requirements
  • KVO, Bolus Anti-bolus
  • Anti-reverse rotation detection
  • Various visual and audible alarms
  • Drop sensor (optional)
  • IV stand stainless steel (optional)
  • Real-time display
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Softkey design, easy to operate
  • Free-flow protection
  • Double CPU ensuring safe infusion
  • Removable pump body, convenient for cleaning
  • Docking station (optional)

Infusion Pump Specifications:

  • Infusion rate: 0.1-1200ml/h
  • Infusion accuracy: ±5%
  • Applicable infusion set: Various brands of standard infusion set
  • Volume to be infused (VTBI): 0-9999(ml)
  • Volume infused: 0-36000(m1)
  • KVO rate: 1-5ml/h
  • Bolus rate: 300-1200ml/h
  • Infusion mode: Rate mode, Drip mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode, Drug library mode (optional), Intermittent infusion mode (optional), Sequential mode
  • Purge rate: 600ml/h
  • Air bubble detection: Ultrasound sensor detection with four levels of air in line alarm
  • Occlusion pressure: (40.0-160.0) KPa 3 adjustable occlusion pressure:low-middle(default)-high
  • Alarm: Use the battery. Door open, Occlusion, Almost done, Forget to operate, Infusion completion, Low Battery, Battery exhausted, malfunction, etc.
  • Function:
    -Anti-bolus (diminishes the unwanted volume of Bolus after removal of occlusion)
    -Ultrasound sensor detection with four levels of air in line alarm adjustable
    -Intelligent pressure detection alarm
    -Anti-reverse detection
    -History records can be transferred to a computer
    -Screen simultaneously displays the infusion rate, drip rate, VTBI, volume infused, real-time, etc.
    -Adjustable buzzer volume
    -Removable pump body for easy cleaning
  • Power supply: DC:12±1.2V AC:100-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li_P01ymer battery, 7.4V 1900mAh
  • Battery charging time: 10 hours with the power on,3 hours With power Off
  • Battery operating time: About 6 hours at 25ml/h
  • Power consumption: 25VA
  • Classification: Class I. type CF
  • Waterproof: IPx3
  • Dimension: 145x100x120mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 1.4Kg
  • Operating conditions: Temperature:5°C-40C, Relative humidity:10-95%, Atmosphere pressure:86-106kPa
  • Transport conditions: Temperature:-200C-600C, Relative humidity.10-95%, Atmosphere pressure:50-106kPa
  • Storage conditions: Temperature:-200C-450C, Relative humidity.10-95%, Atmosphere pressure:50-106kPa


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