CUR2157 Hemodialysis System

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**Why should you invest in Nikkiso HD System:-

*Space Saving Sleek Design:-

•Dimensions: H122cmXW30cmXD37cm
•Benefit: Cost savings per Sq.ft.

*User Friendly Touch Scree

• 12.1″”LCD touch screen to feed all renal parameters
• Technician friendly
• Screen Life :1 Million Touches (approx)
• Benefit: Time/Money Savings besides technician can spare more time for patient care

*Low Power consumption per dialysis:-

• Option to keep display screen off
• Power consumption of 1.66 units only / Dialysis (including heat rinse)
• Benefit: Cost Savings per Dialysis.

*Minimal Disinfectants Consumption Per cleaning:-

• Special duplex pump hydraulics that reduces disinfectants consumption
• Benefit: Cost Savings per Dialysis.

*Comprehensive Patient Data Storage:-

• 16 Patients Record Storage facility
• Benefit: Streamlined Work flow & Enhanced Throughput.

*Additional NIBP Module:-

• Any time Plug-in reliable NIBP module with Bio-feedback signal activation
• Benefit: Clinically Safe because of BP linked with UF pump signals

*Dialysate Flow 300-700ml/min:-

• Adjustable in steps of 1ml/min
• Benefit: Clinical benefit & Customization possibilities according to Patient Needs.

*Also Available :- DBB06-EuropeanVariant-OnRequest.

**Technical Specifications:-

*Equipment Specifications:-

Dimensions ”




  • Weight “Standard system: Approximately 60kg System with all options: Approximately 80kg
  • Power supply “AC(single-phase) 110,220 to 240 50/60Hz±1Hz Back-up battery:Ni-MHbattery,24V/500mAh
  • Water supply “Pressure range of water supply:70 to 300kPa Temperature: 1Oto30°C
  • Dialysate flow rate(Qd) Setting range: 300 to 700mL/min
  • Dialysate temperature Setting range:33 to 40°C
  • Dialysate conductivity “Bicarbonate conductivity :Setting range:1.5to7.0mS/cm Total conductivity: Setting range:12.5to15.5 mS/cm
  • Disinfection method ” Chemical ,heat ,or citric acid/heat
  • UF control system “UF rate setting range:0 or 0.1 to 4.0L/h
  • Accuracy:±30mL/h(Qd 300 to 500mL/min) ±0.1% of Qd(Qd 501 to 700 mL/min)
  • Blood pump Flow rate setting range:40 to 600 mL/min
  • Air detector “Ultrasonic ,Sensitivity (blood flow rate 250mL/min) normal bubbles:0.02ml micro bubbles (blood/air mixture):0.0003ml
  • Blood leak detector “Optical,Sensitivity:0.5mL blood/1L dialysate (Blood: Hematocrit 20%, Dialysate temperature:37°C)

*Monitoring Display Specifications (Measurement Range):-

  • Venous pressure -200to+500mmHg
  • TMP -100to+500mmHg
  • Dialysate pressure -600to+600mmHg


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